Silent's Picks For The Best Female Characters In Games

Version 2.0
Originally named "Top 25 Babes",  this list originally consisted of ladies from "various games, anime, TV shows and movies". But it was a first crack at a list and I kinda made random picks, so now I want to give a bit more thought out reasons for my selections. This list will mainly include female characters of whom I've had some sort of in-game experience with.
For the sake of keeping this list more gaming focused, quite a few have been dropped from the original list (mostly the anime characters) . 

Chances are that  I'll continue to update this list as I play more games. After all, I can't list a character that I've had little exposure to, like Miranda Lawson because I haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, nor do I know enough about her to have an opinion.
So, here are the standings as of 9-25-2010.

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