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Cd projekt Red- Berserk game. Or a From Soft Berserk game.

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One Piece or Gintama. I think when an anime isn't typically dreary it hits harder. In One Piece when ace died I was actually crying. Hunter X Hunter also has some gut wrenching moments.

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If any of you end up falling into the anime whole after watching these movies and/or shows I recommend giving Gintama a chance. Edit: Hunter X Hunter is a pretty good series. It has a decent standard shounen anime start but after the first 2 arcs (which are pretty quick) it gets really good.

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That was really great, looked like a Gregory Brothers production to me.

It was melodysheep.

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Replace Stone cold with Reggie, the Rock with Jack Trenton, Kaz as McMahon, and Andrew House as the other guy.

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I listen to slam jam remixes and most people don't understand their amazingness.