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The only way a video game can scare me is if the devolpers start to mess up the franchise

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Well Flame on!
Starts flamethrower!

Im gonna try and keep this PG


The campign was crap. The online is ok even though my file share is full of messed up moments!

Is Halo 3 your first FPS??

I mean there a better FPSs out there
Deus Ex
Half Life
Halo Combat Evolved

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Whoa sorry about that anytime ECW is on i get very sleepy
They Need adamle back He was so bad he was good.

Here come the deuce and he is taking on The Tazz

Now Thats an Adamle orignal

He reminds me of tony shivanoe
"Theres His manouver"

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When they were talking about the SAVE_US programme They were actually talking about santino marella

I have to say i am disapointed in Henrys title loss. Henry was showing great potiental as ecw champion. He needs to keep tony atlas to keep me intrested in him. On his own he is just another jobber

All i can say is bring back sexual choclate Mark Henry

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The only thing santino needs to work on is his wrestling skills. We know he can work on the mic. We know he can steal a subway sandwich but it sickens me a great talent like that has a finsher as the dreaded school boy
Oh what the hell i have to upload this

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So the riddler saved Gerstmann. Where were you Batman!!!!

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Great Trailer. I admit i was worried when i heared cenas music but you made it work. The Song is beast and could attract any type of audiance. My only recommendation is dont be afraid to show off the PS3s 3rd party support. Something many multi platform gamers are forgetting about

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I enjoyed the Ikarurga Demo and The DMC4 demo is awesome Because you have a choice of Hack and slash or take on Beriel the demon of the fire hell
Worst Demo for me was Turok. O i can already smell the crap!

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I say cena can be a great Heel But as WWE is (groan) PG TV they may just make cena write Poopye on the walls just to get some heat.

Im Glad Santino is the champ but can he do somthing that the last couple of champs failed to do and that is DEFEND the Belt!! Or at least dont leave the belt backstage!!
Kofi only held the belt to keep him alive on the raw brand

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Oh I have such a long list
1. GTA IV - Im starting to sound like a broken record here but it Lacked what made the PS2 games great and that was fun also the driving is very sluggish as well as The stupid friends. Oh yeah and also repetive missions
2. BioShock It is great but all the hype it got let me down. Everyone was saying its perfect and the game couldnt live up to that standred IMO
3. Mario Galaxy was an insult when it comes to a mario game it was just way to easy.
4. War Hawk How The Hell Did That game get so much prasie. thats All im gonna say about it  because i want to keep my post PG
5. Restiance When i played Restiance the Campign was boring everytime i tried to get into it you hear the women giving us another pointless background that and the multiplayer is bad i mean if i have to sum it up in two words it would be spawn killing

Oblivion is either hit or miss. Its a hit for me because i do get tired of FPS sometimes

BTW nice topic