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Lemon said:
"Once they put 'em in ranked, maybe consider buying them. As for now I will "Lan-party" with "dormies" for the fall
Dude the Legendary Map Pack is already in Ranked the only way you can play them in ranked is if all players have the map pack

Avalanche is very awesome, Blackout is intresting and ghost town is ok but frustrating. Frustrating beacuse i have to carry my team to victory

600 points is a good deal for 4 maps you can also play swat, one on one and MLG after buying the maps
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It was a joke i was at least  suspecting pistol melees. They should have just said hammer and sword  DXP weekend. Make a Team lasers or a counter strike DXP wknd Than that crap.

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Commander Grade 2 King Iano Level 36 Working on colonel status now.

Gonna take a while now seeing as how they have messed up doubles by putting King of the Hill, Odd Ball, and some other piece of crap in doubles now

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Arkthemaniac said:
"Fosssil said:
"I don't hear anyone complaining when Obama gets put on a pedestal by CNN and MSNBC and basically every other major media outlet. Why the double standard? If you're going to complain about Fox slamming Obama and building-up McCain, you should complain when the opposite happens just about everywhere else.

*Side note: I don't prefer either candidate and I'm not defending Fox News."
Because of this:
John Stewart FTW!!

John Stewart = Legend

Please this is the same fox news that tried key word TRIED to thrash mass effect  with sex scenes and everyone got owned by Geoff Keighly

BTW What the Hell is Mccain actually doing in this campiagn Obamas already acting like the next president  by going overseas. Everyone is  forgetting rick roll and now there is barack roll

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Keano said:
"Soap said:
"Thanks guys, I guess I'll either go with some Rockband goodness or just save it up. I don't see the point in themes... especially as I have no idea what is happening with themes after the new update :S"
Anything you PAY for will be still there in the new dash (themes/gamerpics will still be there)


(Groans) The MIIs i mean avatars look terible The only thing that looks good in that picture is the gears of war theme Which can be found free in the E3 section on the market place
BTW on the topic at hand I recmmend save it for either

Banjo Kazzoie

Mega Man 9

Portal Still Alive

Bionic commando

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the_chojin99 said:
"they have failed epicaly since  crash 3"
Hey CTR was a great game If i recall that was The Last naughty dog crash game

Crash Bash killed the series for me. Ill never forget that day Waitin for the naughty dog logo to show up and i saw vivendi and i was like what the hell is this crap
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I think companies are starting to relaize that video games are creating more losses than profit when it comes to a project. That is why we are seeing a lack of innovation in this gaming era. Let me give you an example ,Why build a new ip While you have a strong franchise This is why we see GTA, Pokemon, Halo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, MGS and tons more franchises being rehased because compaines know  they can make a profit from that game. 

Even though games are expensive and i would love to see a price drop If games were charged $30 then a lot less games would be created. We may lose the shovelware but we will lose poteial great games like the getaway 3

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Im LOLing on how there are comments on this thread  that are getting negative responses because of GTA fanboys

The Game is alright the engine that it runs on is impressive but at the end of the day gamplay and fun is where it comes down to!
The Game is not a perfect 10 because Its missing such things as parchutes RPG elments and planes that were used in san andreas,
You cant drive like crazy in previous GTA games, some missions are painfully repetive and The Friends system is a joke. I give it an 7.5 or 8 at least

Hmmm i see theres already a GTA fanboy with a sniper rifle across the street trying to take me out

KID dont do it! you still have your whole life to grow up