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I smell A cena Heel Turn! all i can say is thank god Im tired of that damn superman gimmick. Cena needs a heel turn badly because he has nothing left to do now other than being walking merchandise. I say all the kids will cry when there superman becomes heel

I knew the cell was gonna deliever after edges 1 month build up to the pay per view

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Why! Why! Why Book Khaili in a wwe championship match
Here im gonna try start a khali chant
You cant wrestle (Clap Clap)
You cant Wrestle (Clap Clap)
You Cant Wrestle (Clap Clap)

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I would like to say yes but im gonna have to say  Hellz Yeah

COD4 is a great game but COD 5 will not knock it off its petestile. I believe that Infanty Ward should focus on their second map pack now seeing as how the chief is back on top of the leaderboards again. I say we could see a new COD 4 Map pack being relased before the holiday season ends.

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Contra is a laugh the achievments are just way to easy to get and also you can pretty much beat it in less than 12 mintues

Go on bring out the achievment whore in ya

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Perfect Dark Zero was the first unoffical game i played on the 360

Then Perfect Dark zero was the first 360 game i brought back

Then COD 2 was my first offical 360 game i ever played

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The best thing Nintendo could do is to create a qutoa for each devolper when it comes to devolping shovelware. This could reduce the shovelware alot.
The second thing nintedo could do is get  the shovelware that is already out on the market and dump it in the desert with the ET atari games

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I think many people are starting to get tired of Nintendo. Nintendo caters to the casual crowd and its understanable that we are pissed off with the shovelware but they havnt really made any effort with new first party franchises. I mean i might not buy another nintendo console as all they do is bring out another Zelda or mario or Smash Bros or Mario kart again and again. No offense to those who love those franchises but why should we pay for another mario experince while you could have a classic mario at home.

I mean mario Galaxy was insulting i got all stars and went through the story in less than a few hours. You know what i did after mario galaxy i played mario 64 and it was a much better experince.

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Let me just put it like this. Before it was annouced i was groaning that there was going to be another Final Fantasy on a playstation system it felt so predictable. I had enough of final fantasy after FF X i hated FF XII. However when Square annouced it for 360 im more excited now because this is going to lead to fanboys shuting the hell up.

We will either see 360 fanboys saying the 360 and PS3 are the same output and shut sony fanboys up or we will see sony fanboys laugh at  360 fanboys showing how great their copy of FF XIII is compared to the 360 

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I still play Halo, Halo 2, Kotor and fable oh and the battlefront  games got to love the battlefront games.