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COD4 and Halo 3 have been fighting it over Live for the top spot and for you to pop in their disc into the tray. The Question im  asking is why do you play that game more than the other. What makes the other game that more special.

I Personally play Halo 3 as i enjoy the lobbys interface and You feel like you have an identy when you play. I also enjoys it as i can play against  people with my skill instead of gettin stuck with 0 prestige level 1 and a 10th prestige level 55 as teamates in COD 4.

So why Di you Play COD4 instead of Halo Or vice versa

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King Iano
I play halo 3
Feel free to add me and We will Pwn some noobs

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I love how everybody thinks just because PS2 had the games and the sales meant they won. Seriously You guys should not just think of the whole war. You should think of the outcome.

Yes it is true sony won the war but sony failed in one area and that area was to destroy any alternative competion.
Microsoft Xbox showed they had an online service. They showed That they can make better hardware and could deliever on games E.G Halo, KOTOR, Jade Empire, etc.. This led to people choosing which console to buy a 360 or PS3 and the rest you can say is history

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To me i have to give it to ledger. Ledger showed the Sick Side of the Joker. Ya never saw that in saturday morning cartoons (Old Batman cartoons Rocked) If you look at both Nichlolson and Ledger. Ledger as the Joker brought the jokers insanty to life with cruel sick ways to hurt people. You just didnt see that with Nicholoson.

The Main Question is if you were batman who would you want to face Nicholsen or ledger
I would pick ledger

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Halo is the importent franchise right now but seeing as how they finished the fight and everybody is playing Cod 4 instead of halo. Gears could become the face of the 360 while the chief is floating around in space.

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Halo Combat evolved because it had something that the others didnt have and that is a great campign. I mean cmon Halo 3 all you do is go to truth, go to cortana, blow up halo and 2 you played as the arbiater

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Jade Empire and KOTOR!!

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Each ending was bad it felt like you were drifting through the game up to that final scene. I mean think about it the last boss you work for is joey Pedrigonia, a loser when it comes to the other families. I Think The DLC will be messed up because of those 2 endings. Think about it you let roman die when play the revenge story but then you find out in the DLC you have to drive roman to the hospital for his kid.

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The Simpsons Game were you just have to press the start button either that or the mass effect charcters achievment.

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GTA Limited edition and Halo 3 Legendary Edition. After those purchases im just goin to stick with regular editions with my gears of war 2 limited edition