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Tarsier said:
"I haven't gotten to the end yet but I hope there is a giant mega boss like a fat mafia guy with rocket launchers for hands and a mastermind alien is riding him down the street crashing down buildings."

You should have totally worked on GTA IV

I thought the final mission was a joke Lets Have a look at previous final GTA missons
The Exchange
Keep Your friends Close
End of the line

Each one of them  were great missions However in GTA IV the mission feels so uninspiring .

All im going to say is if your near the end of the game finish it.
If not just play a diffrent game
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banksrob said:
"mii's dont shoot each other :P

Thats right Miis dont shoot each other. avaters do:P

Your Crazy it shouldnt be an FPS it Should be gears of war.

Just think of avatars chainsawing each other

oh the humanity!

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Ill start the campiagn on Insane then i will do horde mode and then multiplayer

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A game cannot make a legend You need more than just one game. The orignal Gears didnt tell much about the charecters or the story the next few gears of war games will decide fenixs status. Fenix needs to do some heroic stuff to get the doors open for legendary status.
Either that or get his own mountain dew deal

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I would be Suprised if she is the locust queen  However Its just not happening there a gears of war movie script going around the internet that tells the story of when the locust  first attacked the planet and she died in the hospital as dom children were stolen by the locusts through the emergence hole

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Im getting Limted Because i love Gears of war. I only buy a limted edition on games that i like.

Oh What the hell truthfully when i play gears of war 2 and i own someone with a lancer. I just want to say 
"You didnt just get ownd by a lancer you got ownd by a GOLD Lancer"
and then i would sing the song of GOLD 

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What the Junker was easy to do on insane wheter co-op or single player. Let the Kryll chase ya then blast them from behind

The worst part in that game Was Act 5 Scene 2 on insane when your on the train and you had to blast the nemesis from the top. That made me cry on how diffcult that was and i was on my own. Nemsis ripping you to shreads and those damn ass torque bows

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I would have to say screaming mantis That boss fight was so ridcliously crazy

you have to shoot her psycho mantis doll off her string dodge all these dead bodies. You had to Syrnge yourself to improve your aim and then run to the doll equip it and then use the six axis to beat her.

How the hell are suppose to figure that out??

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Im not excited for the wait. Im excited for home. I think home could be a great thing but if 3rd party devs wont bother doing anything with it like the trophies Then its loses its magic. 

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