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I can see what E3 2008s slogan will be in the coming years
"what's that guy doing in the background" LMAO
I thought this guys "review" was pretty stupid seeing as how he kept on focusing on games that are based on shooters and he didnt show a varity in games.

what's that guy doing in the background LOL

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Well if you ever want spoilers you know were ill be. The game is okay but to me it felt painful to play no offense to you guys who loved GTA IV i just felt like it failed on making the game fun. No Parchutes, No RPG elments No Planes cars felt way to realestic and hard to drive fast and get fast turns

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Jack Thompson!!

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I will have to give it to fallout 3 that game looks so good and had the best trailer at E3.
However if i had to go fanboy for one thing it would have to be Banjo Kazooie N64 coming to XBLA
Biggest disapointment for me was Banjo Kazooie on the 360

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I love this site its already on my home page. It makes you feel happy that your part of an awesome website with a kick ass community. I can feel this is the beginning of something magical and giantbomb will be something special within the industry Add me if you like

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I prefer modren Warfare Because When You do WW2 The Devs creativty feels limted You cant change who wins the war in WW2 and also the there is more creativty  in Modren Warfare when it come to silencer Grenade launchers etc..

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If i have to go through Portal again just to get a piece of cake It better be the best damn Cake ever! But wait its choclate hmm...
Yeah i go with Cake Now Excuse im going to play portal