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I agree with SexyToad. Keep it simple, going for coffee or even hanging out at the mall is a good call too.

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No, Age 24, I'm a server at an Italian Restaurant and living in Auburn Hills, MI, United States. And to fully answer your question I do not actively follow a religion in my adult life. I mean I was raised as Baptist and went to church up until around the age of 17 or so when I started working. I really didn't have the time to go to sunday service. I believe in god and do my best to be a good person but most of my religious views kinda have a spiritual lean to them. Long story short I believe in doing good deeds for the sake of doing good deeds and nothing more.

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Well said. Ryan has affected a lot of people in a lot of ways. Its nice that see the positive he brought to people's lives (mine included). And I wouldn't say you were rambling.

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Cheers! That fucking awesome.

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Damn. Just damn. Hell its a lot better than me siting here and speculating about what happened. Its still super shitty. Godspeed Ryan, perhaps we shall met in the next life. Rest in peace taswell.

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Well said thank you for this.

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It's been 7 or 8 years since I played Jade Empire start to finish. I enjoyed it those days and I have been trying to update my perspective on it for some time. Sure in retrospect the combat is can be repetitive but the biggest draw of the game was the unique location and interesting characters. Now again I need to update my view on the game but I recall a degree of linear game play. That being said a lot of rpgs of that era including KOTOR suffered from some narrowness. But I don't recall (again this was at the time) Jade Empire being hindered by its more focused path. Now don't get me wrong Jade Empire wasn't a perfect game. The combat was at times far too and the only way to make the game a fun challenge was to have it on the hardest setting. And sure the Open Palm/Closed Fist path more or less boiled down to good/bad path but it was interesting to see Bioware take a left turn. I enjoyed the interesting albeit cliche' filled plot and relationships you devolve with the supporting characters. And as much I as I liked talking to Henpecked Hou hearing the drunken debacles of Black Whirlwind were priceless. But every one is entitled to their opinion and I feel had ArbitraryWater played Jade Empire when it was new he could have found likable qualities. But I will hand to you ArbitraryWater I enjoyed the read and yes the game would have been a lot cooler had John Cleese been in the game a bit longer. Plus I cannot fault you in trying the game first instead of dismissing the game completely.

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Thanks guys for the input I knew it to be a scam, I just wanted to confirm my misgivings.

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Hey guys Im fairly certain this is a scam but my mom who recently started using xbox live account (it was my brother's old account), recently she got a message from a person on the account's friends list talking about free ms points and you have to go to the xbl kings website. And the site is asking for xbox live account log in and password. She called me to asked what I thought. I told her I thought it was too good to be true but I also wanted to be more informed on the whole thing, so information my fellow bombardiers could help me out I really would appreciated it. Thanks

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@Turtlebird95 said:

A video competition where people yell "Fuck Ryan Davis" in public places. Best one goes to Pax.

I vote for this one but they must be wearing a "Fuck Ryan Davis" t-shirt while they yell it

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