Running The Relays-Part 1: A Mass Effect Marathon

I’ve decided, against my better judgement, to play through Mass Effect’s 1 and 2 before I play through 3 and I’m going to document the experience. Why, you might be asking? Well there’s a few reasons, which I’ll go through for anybody who might be interested.

Reason the first: As of yet I haven’t contributed a huge amount to the community outside of forum posts and a review of a book that, judging by the comments (zero) wasn’t exactly on anyone’s radar, so this will be a good chance to have a regular blog that I update...uh...regularly.

Reason the second: I’ve played through both games already but have recently gotten a new gamertag, so my saves aren’t available. I know there’s a way to transfer those but I had already sorta decided on doing this before I found out about that route, so i’ll just barrel ahead. Plus achievements. Those sweet, sweet chievos.

Reason the third: Unfortunate things happened in my playthrough of ME1, things that remain a sore point with me. By things I mean one thing. Wrex didn’t make it. I loved Wrex, he was one of my favorite characters an when Ashley decided to put a bullet in him (that damn dirty wench) it seriously bummed me out. Then I found out from a friend that was avoidable cause HIS Wrex was just fine. At the time I didn’t feel like playing through again so ME2 was Wrex-less. This is a situation I intend to rectify. No Wrex left behind!

So those are my reasons, and that’s my plan, I’m setting aside all the other games I’m playing right now (Deus Ex, Skyrim, MK, Resident Evil 5) to power through these games. The hardest part is going to be having ME3 staring me in the face for however long it takes me to get through this. That and avoiding spoilers. I plan on writing a new blog post once a week, nothing too crazy, some story updates, where I am, the feel of the mechanics, etc, in as entertaining a fashion as possible. As far as DLC goes, I’ll probably skip it for ME1, but since I have it all for ME2, I’ll probably play through it. I still haven’t played Shadow Broker or Overlord yet so it’ll be a brand new experience.

Unless I hear otherwise, I’m not gonna worry about spoilers for 1, for 2 and 3, I’ll try to limit them or use spoiler tags. If I make it that far. I’ll be honest, my willpower may not hold out that long but I’ll try. By god, I’ll try...

Once more, unto the breach...