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I see your point but GB has never used any intentionally misleading headlines that I can remember, that annoys me way more then using any of those words. Not to mention the subject matter is still great, until that changes I'm cool with it.

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People are willing to give the people who made Colonial Marines money AGAIN?

Same publisher, different developer.

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I will accept all mustards. Give them to me.

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Yes. I would like to think we as a community should know by now that when it comes to food choices, Jeff is not to be trusted. That man is a savage. Also now I see why he hired Dan...he was the most hate mustard.

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Eh. I'll probably preorder. I mean, yeah this does suck I think it's a shitty practice. But also I don't care enough to get mad. And I like Alien a whole lot. Sorry.

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Sorry but totally disagree. People are too quick to yell "spoilers" sure, but the whole point of plot twists is that they catch you off guard. Somebody spoiled the reveal in Fight Club for me. Did it ruin how much I enjoyed that movie the first time? No it didn't. Did I still bury that person where nobody will find them? Yes I did. Big plot twists and developments are awesome the second time around because you get to watch what leads up to it, but there's no replicating that first shock/realization when you don't see it coming. Insisting spoilers don't matter or deliberately ruining things for people is super shitty. I'm not saying you did but for example somebody on here spoiled the end of The Walking Dead for no good goddamn reason and it was a real garbage thing to do. Still loved playing that game, but had that knowledge in the front of my mind the whole time.

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Guardians of the Galaxy maybe?

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@mtcantor said:

Blade Runner.

What? Come at me bro.

@farkas said:

The Thing, even though the story is super flimsy.

I don't know either of you, but if I did, you'd both be dead to me right now.

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Regardless of your opinion of Egoraptor, he's responsible for the best Sonic related thing to come out in years. (the song, the video was done by a fan but its not bad)