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This makes me more interested in Destiny and makes the game make a little more sense. Probably did themselves a disservice not talking about it more like an mmo. Back loading the coolest stuff in a shooter doesn't make nearly as much sense an probably a big reason it's gotten such a tepid response.

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I say give it one more shot. Ask to talk to her, tell her how you feel, lay it all on the table. If she decides you're better off apart, or if this talk isn't an option you're gonna have to move on that's unfortunately the only option. Occupy yourself somehow, go on a trip somewhere, force yourself to hang out with friends, keep your brain busy. Sitting at home thinking about her and how you ballsed up and getting down is not gonna help. Definitely talk to somebody.

If you do get another chance at it thats awesome! Also you better clamp down on that jealousy like a mother trucker and keep it locked. Seriously that is the fastest way to end a relationship, it just tells her you don't trust her and if that's the case why are you together? If you do trust her you have no reason to get crazy.

Whichever way it goes, hope things turn around for you dude.

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@tonch: goddamn anime military magic bullshit

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@tonch: Man I just want people to be cool. Dan's whole philosophy "just eat tasty food play fun games and have a good time" is starting to make so much sense. That's how bad this is getting, I'm starting to take advice from The Book of Ryckert! Maybe we'd all be better off.

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People are starting to harass Jenn Frank. That's about when I decide to stop paying attention to this issue cause those people are not people I wanna listen to.

"People are starting to harass JonTron. That's about when I decide to stop paying attention to this issue cause those people are not people I wanna listen to."

This works both ways, and it accomplishes nothing to let rude or hateful voices prevent you from listening to moderate, respectful people on either side of an issue.

[edit] I'm sorry to hear that she's leaving game journalism over it, though. I was not aware of that when I wrote the above, and think it sucks that anyone would be ridiculed into silence.

Here's the thing. After I posted that I spent a while checking out the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags and the people posting stuff. There are pretty reasonable people on that side of the fence. I even saw a few of them taking someone to task for rubbing it in Jenn's face that she's leaving, essentially saying "hey we're not about this, don't do that". I think that's great. And as I've mentioned I think there's a conversation about ethics that should be had. I'm also somebody who thinks the constant moral outrage about everything is too much. I'm also somebody who things that rash of articles shooting down the word gamer did more harm then good. I'm not against what some of the gamersgate people want.

The problem is, the signal to noise ratio right now is making it so I don't even wanna engage anyone on this topic outside of on here really. And it's not just coming from one side, I mean the real vile harassment, yeah that's largely one sided, but there's totally bullies and assholes on the other side of things. Essentially right now we're looking at a really shitty ven diagram. On the one side is the gamersgate circle, on the other are the, I dunno, game jurno's, devs, everyone who supports them. In the middle where they meet are the people who wanna actually discuss things, but waaay on the one side are misogynists and internet trolls who are using the issue as a smokescreen to be vile and go after who they want. Waaaay on the other side are the people who are saying the entire gamersgate hashtag is garbage, gamers are immature manbaby trash and will not hear anything from anyone otherwise.

Now I'm of the opinion those angry people somewhat have a right to be cause like I said, the real vile crap has mainly come from the gamersgate camp, but painting everybody with the same brush is unfair. Refusing to believe there's people who wanna make things better and really believe what they're talking about is unfair and the people on the extremities of those sides make it so we can't have a discussion. They're drowning out the rational people, and the fact that the majority of the interactions are taking place on twitter is really not helping. At this point I don't think we're gonna get anywhere until the vitriol and the hate and the bullying from both sides dies down, and it's an extra bummer that people like Jenn are being driven out. It just makes me sad.

Also, and I say this only cause I sorta wanna get all my feelings out on the table here, if I'm being totally honest with my fellow duders on here, there's a voice in my head that keeps going "WHOOOO CAAAARES". I know that's a shitty dismissive attitude and I'm not saying everybody should feel the way I do, but honestly, even if the whole damn 'gaming journalist' system were rife with corruption, it wouldn't change my life one iota. I love video games, I love a lot of the people involved, I wouldn't be on this website if I didn't but my god, some of the people who are acting like they're in the middle of some righteous struggle against 'the man' especially when shit like Ferguson etc is going just cannot get on that train. I love this hobby and will and have defended it to people who say its dumb, but some of the people involved need some perspective.

Anyway, I love video games, I love Giant Bomb, I think the word gamer is super dumb but whatever man, if that's the only word we have then that's what I am. Just be nice to each other everyone.

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People are starting to harass Jenn Frank. That's about when I decide to stop paying attention to this issue cause those people are not people I wanna listen to.

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Kalman is the true champion.

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@splodge said:

Capitalism is the solution here folks.

Go to the sites you like, don't visit the ones you don't like.

Buy the games you like, don't buy the games you don't like.

Give the time of day to those on social network sites that you like, ignore those you don't like.

Vote with your actions. If everyone did this, the people on both sides who are causing all this outrage and harassment will naturally be ignored.

I understand the desire to directly attack those who you perceive to be wronging you, but know that this makes it worse. It continues the cycle.

With problems like this, let the market decide, and engage that way. It is a lot less stressful, and obtains the best results .

Amen brother.

I think this is a worthwhile discussion to have but it's reached the point where there's so much noise coming from both sides. There's people making valid points on both sides and people being bullies on both sides (talking about in general not this thread) and it's gotten to the point where I'm sick of it. I've gone from wanting to talk about it to basically being of the opinion that fighting about video game journalism is such a waste of time that I can't be bothered.

Ultimately what I want from gaming journalism is essentially what Giant Bomb has being doing this whole time. General stupidity and fun, more serious articles and opinions when there's something worth writing about, then back to general stupidity and fun.

Once this nonsense dies down, maybe we can get back to this conversation but right now...ugh. Maybe I should just stay off Twitter.

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Oh what? More Kinzie? *gets out wallet*

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Congrats Vinny and the rest of the family! Roxie is a kickass name.