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The new DFA 1979 album is super rad, loving it so far. Can't believe it's been ten years since the last.

Also Queens of the Stone Age. Always Queens of the Stone Age

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A game featuring Ben Templesmiths art would be raaaad.

Not even sure how you'd translate that to a game. But I want it. Also putting more Queens of the Stone Age in video games. Yes please.

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AAAAALLRIGHT if someone other then Brad is gonna start covering DOTA then I bloody well expect coverage of League character updates @patrickklepek what about the new Shurima update and the lore changes hmm? Hmm?? Azir? The Scion update leak? The complete graphical overhaul of the map? What about THAT Patrick?? COLLUSION. #GamerGate

(I don't actually expect any of that to happen)

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@fredchuckdave: at this point that's probably the only mmo i could see being a huge success other then WoW.

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@thesoutherndandy said:

Good, that just means the 40K MMO has a slightly higher chance of succeeding. Maybe.

Was competition from Titan something people were worried about with Eternal Crusade?

I don't think so, but not having another sci fi MMO to go up against, specially one made by Blizzard probably will help.

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Good, that just means the 40K MMO has a slightly higher chance of succeeding. Maybe.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope you're doing ok Jeff. Take as long as you need to dude, we'll be waiting for ya when you get back.

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This makes me more interested in Destiny and makes the game make a little more sense. Probably did themselves a disservice not talking about it more like an mmo. Back loading the coolest stuff in a shooter doesn't make nearly as much sense an probably a big reason it's gotten such a tepid response.

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I say give it one more shot. Ask to talk to her, tell her how you feel, lay it all on the table. If she decides you're better off apart, or if this talk isn't an option you're gonna have to move on that's unfortunately the only option. Occupy yourself somehow, go on a trip somewhere, force yourself to hang out with friends, keep your brain busy. Sitting at home thinking about her and how you ballsed up and getting down is not gonna help. Definitely talk to somebody.

If you do get another chance at it thats awesome! Also you better clamp down on that jealousy like a mother trucker and keep it locked. Seriously that is the fastest way to end a relationship, it just tells her you don't trust her and if that's the case why are you together? If you do trust her you have no reason to get crazy.

Whichever way it goes, hope things turn around for you dude.

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@tonch: goddamn anime military magic bullshit