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My younger brother deleted my 40 hour FF7 save when I was right outside the crater at the end. I've never forgiven him.

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The Doom super shotgun. For reference:

/close thread

Seriously. We've solved it.

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Chicken Burrito Supreme, Fries Supreme and a drink. Almost always. And I almost always forget to tell them not to put rice in it. Cause I'm a sucker.

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Is this even a question?

The Party don't stop.


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I don't think there's anything wrong with that strategy but if you don't deliver on the story, and your gameplay is pretty lackluster nobody's gonna care about your game. And visuals aren't the wow factor they used to be.

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@alexw00d: In this thread alone people are commenting that they have the same issues. That's not an isolated case with wildy varying set-ups. Why do you defend Uplay/Ubisoft games anyway? They're notoriously broken on any platform.

I'm not defending anyone, I'm just saying you really don't need to post shitty system wars-esque comments when you can post something sensible like other people did. I agree Ubi and Uplay are terrible, but I'm not gonna post dumb inflammatory shit about them, it's easy tot to.

Nah, it was pretty clear what he meant. Sometimes PC ports are borked. It happens and it's not like Ubi has been firing on all cylinders recently. It didn't get into console war territory till you responded.

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I like her but honestly I'm getting a little burnt out on her. I know she's not but it feels like she's in everything. Enough please. Also the whitewashing thing sorta sucks.

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Never understood the dislike of Kotaku. They have a bunch of talented writers there. I wish Patrick Luck.

I was already getting a little tired of that place, then they ran a story about how some poor kid was horribly abused by his sister and a friend. Oh and he had been playing CoD right before it happened. So you know, video game news. Not a fan of that place in the least or much related to Gawker. Still though, probably check it out to see what he's up to. I guess.

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I picked up Fract.

It is raaaaaaaaaad.