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It is never time for Klax.

...goddamnit you take that back

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You think any of these pretenders can take down The Wolf? You think any of these chumps has a shot at The Wolf's title?

The Wolf cannot be taken down. The Wolf will not lose the title. The Wolf will show EVERYBODY what happens when you enter the ring to try to take what rightfully belongs to The Wolf.

Bring on Dr. Tracksuit. Bring on Big Breakfast. Bring on Dan "The Alligator" Ryckert. Bring on Kalman. The Wolf will send them all home empty handed.

The Wolf is waiting.

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He's going on about how all music post 70's is horrible except for a select few bands.

I didn't really care about what he was saying before, but this... It gets under my skin when people think this about music (and a lot of people share this sentiment). The sad thing is he probably doesn't actually give most modern music a chance; he sees whats on the billboard top 200 and comes to the conclusion that all modern music sucks. Is there a phobia of trying new things? Because I'm pretty sure he has it.

Either that, or he really is a master troll.... It just doesn't seem possible for 1 human to be ignorant about so many things.

Also, hopefully this doesn't come off as me hating him. I like Dan and I like his output as a content creator for this site. He just says a lot of dumb shit.

Edit: he said pink floyd is shit... There is nothing left. All that remains is dread.

He's a Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age fan. He's met my qualifications for being a good person.

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Totally fine. I occasionally get annoyed with some of the "windows 8" apps that suck real hard but you can ignore those.

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You cannot explain Dan. You cannot quantify Dan. You cannot put Dan neatly in a package and stick him on a shelf for $12.99.

Dan just is

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@branthog said:

@dudeglove said:

Hey, snarky cynics and people missing the point? Since this ice bucket thing took off, it's raised about 13 million dollars. Motor neuron diseases like ALS are no joke and they're one of the reasons why we have things called "hospices" where people go to die slow, painful and undignified deaths.

That somehow makes it less stupid?

I hate AIDs, but red ribbons on a lapel are still stupid. I hate government censorship, but making my twitter icon black is still stupid. Good on these participants for not taking themselves too seriously and allowing this -- but it's still dumb.

I'd rather be a snarky cynic than "guffaw guffaw that dude what is rich done got ice poured on his noggin!"

I get your point and I agree with some of it but 13 mill compared to not even 2 last year pretty much renders it moot.

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This is wonderful news. WONDERFUL.

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Hey why not, if a school is gonna offer it that's cool. Also hey someone at Giant Bomb talking about League. Will wonders never cease?

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Also, choosing Joe Dirt over Airheads (which is 20 years old, this year). What the fuck is wrong with this man?!

Joe Dirt is a better movie, son.

Holy shit, it's spreading.

Joe Dirt holds up way more than Airheads does.

I haven't seen Airheads but Joe Dirt is super dumb and I love it.

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Sorry to hear that dude :(