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Everything about this seems amazing. Also, who the fuck is Andy Serkis supposed to be? Or rather, what are the current theories if there are any?

No idea, but seeing him in the trailer was pretty rad.

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One of my biggest gripes with the last Avengers film was how sterile NYC looked in the film. From the early scenes it looks like there's more activity there in-between the Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster fight. Ultron looks super cool, really good trailer to get folks excited for Avenger 2. On a side note the actors who portray Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were husband and wife in Godzilla. Just saying, but that's some movie filled fake incest right there.

Yup. Noticed it immediately when they were first casted. I always refer to their roles in Godzilla to people when telling them who's playing Quiksilver and Scarlet. You know what they say, incest wincest.


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@awesomeusername: There's talk that Cap 3 might set up Civil War, what with Robert Downey Jr. purportedly having a much larger role than previously thought.

I know, I'm just pointing out that this is probably going to be where everyone picks sides by the end. Cap 3 will definitely be the start of it if we really do get the Civil War. It seems really weird to start a Civil War storyline though with how many characters we have at the moment, unless they just throw a ton of superheroes/villains into Cap 3 just so it could look like each side has a bunch of people. It'd be better to start that story after they whoop Thanos ass in Avengers 3. I mean, why start the Civil War, then go into what's most likely a solo Doctor Strange movie, then Thor 3(?) and probably another new character. I don't know, I kind of hope the Civil War doesn't happen because if it does, it'll probably be done by Avengers 3 when they fight Thanos because they can't beat him split up.This is all me assuming what's going to happen. Starting a Civil War story doesn't seem like such a great idea to me, but what the hell do I know?

I kinda wonder if Cap ends up dead at the end of the Civil War arc. Apparently Chris Evans wants to get out of acting once he's done with the Cap and Avengers movies so I could see that as a possible ending somewhere. Then Bucky takes over or something.

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I like Shaun. Hope wherever he ends up it goes well for him.

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Quality kinda sucks but OH MAN

EDIT: Actual trailer uploaded. GG Marvel.

This looks potentially real damn good. Great trailer too gave me the shivers. James Spader sounds badass as Ultron. And that Hulkbuster suit! Guardians and Cap 2 might have some competition for best Marvel movie.

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The order of quality is the same as the order they came out. Alien is the best. Aliens is reeeeeal close and if you said it was your favorite I would totally support that. Alien 3 is flawed but doesn't deserve quite as much crap as it gets and Resurrection is TEEEEERRIBLE.

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Yeaaaah. Like I can't pick just one moment there's too many but I think this was the happiest/freaking out I've ever been since being here. And I still want a goddamn #TeamBrad shirt.

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While it's nicely written, I'm very disappointed how you still label GamerGate as a hate movement. It's just like saying all Muslims are jihadists. Just because they are a few shitty people in a group doesn't mean all people are shitty. I think you should definitely take a note of that, especially as a lot of people in this "hate movement" are your primary demographic, whether you like it or not.

Still, it was nice to finally get an official statement.

To add to that, it's really sad that Giant Bomb did nothing, while sites like the Escapist actually reevaluated their ethics standards and now if there's any chance that some personal connection might have influenced something in the review, it's simply mentioned in bold font in the header. It's that easy.

They actually have covered that sorta thing a bunch in the past when people ask them about how tight they are with people in the industry. Could maybe put it somewhere easy to find like a sticky forum post or something, but yeah, they addressed it even before this all started.

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Great write up Jeff. Summed up a lot about how I've been feeling about this whole thing. I'm with you on the 'what the hell can you do' about this situation. I don't see a solution, neither yelling nor begging will stop the people who wanna keep this going. Hopefully they burn out sooner then later.

Anyway yeah. Thanks again Jeff and all the staff, you guys have been a pretty constant source of positivity for a long time despite setbacks and hard times and I'm glad you're here. I'm even glad that knucklehead Dan is around.

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Its funny, never was a fan of her before. Now after all this garbage has gone down, I still disagree with most of what she has to say but I'd still back her up. So mission accomplished Gamer Gate! You've made me an Anita Sarkeesian fan!

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Welp this looks super gross. Also trying way to hard too be 'dark'. But more importantly, super gross!

I don't think even younger me who gleefully laughed like an idiot watching heads explode in the original Soldier of Fortune would want anything to do with this and current me sure as hell doesn't.

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@sgtsphynx: Yeah you'll probably wanna skip that one then. It looks pretty slimy.