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This is a hell of a trailer. I am immediately in.

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@jazz: That's hilarious. I wanna try that now. Also reminds me how great it is to not have to buy the Bonetooth Necklace now. Also Teemo is the worst. And also the best. But mainly the worst. At least in the other three maps you can buy a Lightbringer to shut his ass down.

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@jazz: Jax is one of those champions that, if he doesn't get shut down hard early, will roll over an entire team come late game. Hell, even if he gets shut down, there's still a good chance he'll kill everybody. He's a monster. Rengar/Annie sounds real fun, all that stun and cc an Rengar flying out of bushes. Rengar is a fun champ to play I love his design and kit. I kinda miss the insanity of early League. Anything goes, anywhere, an some of it's awesome.

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Garren is a good champ to learn on, I still love that guy. No bush is safe. Building ranged items on him...well that's a thing you can do. I guess.

Tristana is awesome, her range increases with level so by late game she's tearing through the team. She's been getting a lot of love in the pro scene recently cause of how good she is right now. And her Rocket Girl skin is rad. Im kinda with you too re. surrendering. If you're getting absolutely hammered I can see it but coming back from being behind when your team wants to surrender is a great feeling. I've had a few games where we got a disconnect on our team and instead of surrendering we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Those 4v5 wins feel the best.

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Ah yes Nasus. He was one of the early champs I played when I was learning, he's great, tanky, sustains himself with q and if you stack his q you are a goddamn monster by the end of the game. It scales indefinitely so you can be 1 shotting champs and 2 shotting towers late game. It's nuts.

Annie is lots of fun. Her E stacks her stun but doesn't trigger it, only offensive spells proc the stun so you can stack it up on your way to lane and just auto attack and shield till its time to drop it.

Ziggs is the best champ in the game. I love him. Maybe a little too much.

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Shadow of Mordor, Aliens: Isolation and Sunset Overdrive. Which reminds me I need to start saving for an xbox

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@graboids: My''s beautiful...

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If you're saying anything but Raph you're wrong. Shame on you.

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Demand to see some ID and a clean bill of health. Can't be too careful these days.

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I thought Dan was awesome till he tried to tell me that Terminator 3 is better then 1. He needs to go.

He needs to go now.