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You should probably add some text discussing the poll or this may get locked. That said, Alan Wake. Love that game.

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Dark Tower please. PLEEEEEASE.

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@nightriff: Yeah same. And right at the beginning. Those bastards.

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@legion_: I watched that goddamn movie a few months after my black lab died for some reason. Waterworks. So freakin sad.

The opening of Up. Also, might be weird, but the ending of Inception. A really good musical score hits me hard for some reason and that scene with that music and seeing his kids. Yeah got pretty misty.

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@acidbrandon18: Nice work dude you handled that well. Getting mad or bitchy doesn't help anything. Next step is to move on and totally limit any interaction with that person unless you're totally cool with just being friends. That's how I'd do it anyway.

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That was incredible. No words. Only tears.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Loved it. Chris Evans is perfect as Cap. The supporting cast was great, Falcon especially was real cool. Great story, kick ass action scenes, I won't spoil anything about the bad guy is (although if you're marginally familiar with Cap you already know) but he was rad and I like how they handled him. One of the best Marvel movies easily.

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This was so good. Ryan had the best laugh.

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@thebunnyhunter: yeah super goofy I like what they did with that cast.

Also this mode is so super dumb I love it. Pick Ziggs, spam Q. Profit.