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I think we get our fill of Behind the Scenes content through the different videos Giant Bomb puts up, especially if you are a subscriber. I think those types of videos essentially serve the same purpose that any documentary based on the GB crew would.

I think the idea of having a documentary that focuses on Games 'Journalism' that covers all Press sites, including Giant Bomb is a stronger idea. Similarly to how 'Indie Game: The Movie' focused on different Indie Developers.

But even then, basing a whole documentary around people who simply review games and report news off of press releases doesn't make for the most engaging, interesting documentary. It'd have to go into deeper issues that Games press have to deal with.

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The whole game is amazing.

But one specific moment that stuck out to me was when me and my partner were working our way up the mountain, trying to avoid the enemies by using the cover. My buddy ended up making a run for the next piece of cover as the monster approached. In a moment of despair, I decided to follow him, which was a huge mistake as the monster caught me and threw me all the way back down the mountain.

Lost and without my scarf, I tried to reorient myself and find the pathway back up. However in the distance I saw a small flashing light. I sung at the light, and it responded. Moments later I see my buddy come running down the mountain, singing a long, as he came to my aid.

The feeling of camaraderie in that game is ridiculous. The fact that some anonymous person was willingly to throw away all the time and effort they had just made to come back and save me was genuinely amazing. That one little sequence made more of an impact on me, than all of the scripted sequences that were deliberately designed to be emotional (not to discredit those scenes in anyway)

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Heavy risk...but the PRIIIZZZEEE.

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Makes no difference to me. has a much better service so I'd much rather shop with them. Unfortunately GAME gets exclusive rights to certain editions of games like the ME3 Collectors Edition.

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Couldn't you just modify your save file? To undo the Reaper IFF mission?

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The song that plays when the new Normandy is revealed in Mass Effect 2. That whole scene gave me chills.

Another is in Gears 3...

When 'Mad World' plays as Dom sacrifices himself. That sequence was the closet I've ever come to getting emotional over a Video game.
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You could of apply some kind of crazy convoluted theory to all forms of media. Books have been around for centuries and they haven't evolved at all. There is still huge demand for Retail video games.

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please don't be US only... :'(

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Why are you getting worked up over one persons opinion?

Oh wait, this is the Internet.

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@august said:

vs. Predator.

Whoever wins, we lose.