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I'm not sure anyone outside of continental Europe is aware handball as a sport even exists.

German or french sites might have handball aware communities.

German site: GIGA preview

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I guess they don't have an Elder Scrolls cartoon dude that they can print on cups so they are going full tilt on Fallout.

Nothing will ever beat 'Pacman Fever' but I wasn't there to experience it first-hand so what do I know?

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In fact, this familiarity is a bit problematic since it makes Fallout 4 the safest, least surprising Bethesda game in ages. The comfort-food factor would be more than good enough if they'd finally gotten their technical act together, but as usual, Fallout 4 is overrun with bugs ranging from the hilarious to some which were damn near game-breaking. - See more at:

Warning: a couple very early game spoilers in that review.I guess I might get the game when it drops to half price. My preferred comfort food are Risen games and they aren't that janky.

I liked the site previously for it's lack of scoring so I wonder how metacritic has managed to label that a 70 causing the catastrophist crowd to swarm the comments section.

Wasteland 2 looks decent on consoles.

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Are there mini nukes? :)

OK, serious question: Does it look as good as Advanced Warfare?

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Outside of the first Far Cry I haven't noticed the compass much but I guess most game environments are near equator or on the northern hemisphere so I don't notice the sun's path.

I have trouble immersing myself in games with low FOV or the twisted perspective that Gamebryo has. 90's PC FPS games seemed more believable. Sometimes it's like the distant mountains don't get bigger as I get closer or something weird like that.

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The movie was alright but every game after Underground seems really bland. Need for Speed picked up the baton of 'vista racing' from Outrun but Test Drive Unlimited had more interesting exotics, bigger maps and better handling (it even had functional online!). I miss you Eden Games.

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Female Craig Boone until I snipe enough critters and mutants that I can become a jack of all trades with implants, bobbleheads or whatever Bethesda give us. Maybe even out Intelligence and Agility a little to level up a little quicker.

I look forward to hammering out sneak criticals on a controller if the UI isn't awful but I don't have a PC or console that can run it yet. :(

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This topic is weird but I realize that just like Brad is comforted by Destiny and Jeff likewise by Call of Duty I get "the feels" from the following games but I understand that they might not be for everyone. Ironically most of them aren't tentpole releases so there is usually a steady stream of sequels to pick from in contrast to AAA "boom or bust" franchises.

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I moved to the suburbs for sunlight and to hear birds that aren't pigeons and seagulls. Even though I live next to a busy parking lot I am not bothered as much by the early morning traffic noise as much as I was in the city. On the other hand I guess city dwellers are more active because they walk most places and can almost always find open shops, gyms etc.

You're kind of stuck without personal transport or cabs after midnight but that tradeoff is fine for an introvert like me. In fact I'd like to move to some house one day where I can blast my sound system all day without bothering anyone !nn!

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Star Trek is awesome except for the mirror universe episodes.

DS 9 has the most 'realistic' characters but a little too much 'fantasy' in the plot and most of the dialogue is wooden and stiff. Garek is one of the best characters ever seen on TV and he keeps getting better and better contrasted to the perfect crew members from the other shows that grow tiresome (Wesley?).

I would suggest Firefly to Dan because it has more action instead than dialogue.