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  • Trademarks/franchise which are milked to death by publishers sometimes without any of the original developers
  • Publishers who don't understand that you're supposed to use the internet for delivering new and extended services and not decrease them (damnit EA)
  • Publishers who influence studios and turn them into mindless franchise zombies (EA:DICE, Crytek; Activision: Infinity Ward; Ubisoft: Ubisoft Montreal)
  • Metacritic
  • Direct download/DLC monopoly with no price discount ever (Blizzard, Microsoft, Valve)
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  • Halo 3 (unimpressive graphics and terrible story)
  • Mass Effect 2 (boring, less RPG options than 1 and feels somewhat more linear)
  • Resident Evil 5 (all the worst video game tropes all the time)
  • Rage (bullet sponge NPCs suck and it's a port)
  • Saint's Row 3 (I like the freedom and voice acting but the shooting and movement feels cheap and frustrating)
  • Borderlands/Fallout 3 (inventory/stat managing isn't fun for me)
  • L4D2 (was a poor port on PC and played worse than the first)
  • Portal 2 (played like a port on PC and had horrible pacing and some uninspired level design)

*edit* It's not like I actively hate these games and I didn't pay full price for any of them. I was just disappointed because of high expectations/hype.

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Now that Newell owns your souls he don't need to do anymore sales

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It's worth it, if only just to see this

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Alan Wake on PC is really pretty and the shooting feels great.

Trackmania 2 is a great way to test your PC and your reflexes.

If you're otherwise confident your PC is great then try a Rockstar Rage powered game (GTA IV (expansions are best) or Max Payne 3) since they are the most taxing games I know.

If you're a fan of RTS, Adventure or Simulation games, PC is the place to be.

Otherwise PC mainstream is moving toward indies with stuff like VVVVVV or F2P with MS Flight and the time sink that is MMOs.

For stores see:

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@HistoryInRust: EA owns the Porsche license which is why noone but Turn 10 can use it because they can bribe EA.

It's pretty ironic that the only respectful NFS game is NFS Porsche Unleashed

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Ryan looked super tired at the end of the stream (staring at the ceiling to keep himself awake) so I expect we'll probably have to wait until monday.

BTW here is the creepy place they shot the stream curtesy of Norman Chang

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People say it's an old part of western culture but I'm not so sure of that.

I think it's a consequence of MPAA ratings (especially after the 80's with PG-13 which guarentees violence but no boobs e.g. MIB3) and movies going for low ratings in order to get bigger target groups. Also the rise of neo-conservatism or whatever.

I was watching Police Academy (1984) and it had plenty of boobs but I'm not sure an R rated movie would use so much boobage unless it was a gimmick today.

I'm probably more annoyed about boobs as some gimmick (Ubisoft E3 conference) than them not being there at all but some of the gore felt over the top at E3 this year. People who think desire stems from some outside influence puzzle me since it's just something human beings (I can only speak for men) are "programmed" to have. All in all it's probably some knee jerk reaction because sex isn't against the law but civil violence is against the law so we call that unrealistic.

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