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You go to any city in France, big or little, people are smoking cigarettes and sitting at little cafes eating croissants.

If you're being serious, stop it. This topic has enough ignorance as it is. It doesn't need even more stupid, pointless stereotypes with which you demonstrate you know nothing about other cultures.

Seriously. Stop it.

Sorry I can't help it

(in relation to the username *hint,hint)

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It might be more that London is a confusing city more than the tube being confusing. I'm just saying don't expect to find a train station where you can get to anywhere with one train. It is pretty cheap though if you get some kind of 24/7 ticket. It might be boring but it's a good idea to study the maps and connect it with the places you want to see/where you live.

I also thought it was practically impossible to find a cheap convenience/grocery store so carry a lot of snacks.

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At the time of release critics were giving GTA IV 5/5 and 10/10, praising especially the down to earth gritty story, believable and troubled characters and Liberty city it's self which was great satire of modern society. The reaction from gamers has been much more mixed especially on my thread on the GTA V forum, where most gamers are condeming the serious tone and labeling it boring. This is drawing me ever closer to the sad conclusion that while critics want gaming to progress and become something truly astounding there is at least a substantial portion of gamers that just want gaming to remain locked in a world of male adolescent stupidity.

I think it was the complete opposite. Most gamers who disliked the game I think felt like the 'serious tone' of GTA IV was actually extremely weak, not informed at all by the gameplay, and lacked a lot of narrative cohesion. It seemed that critics were taken in by the superficial nature, whereas gamers just weren't so easily fooled. I think a better example of disconnect are games like Alpha Protocol and Nier, which have big cult followings and got a lot of positive reactions from gamers, whilst critics ignored, dismissed, or gave mediocre, ill-informed reviews.

It's not the critics who are asking for games to go beyond shooting as primary mechanics, it's gamers. It's not critics who are touting games which have innovation but poor graphics, it's gamers. And it's not critics who are cynical about sequelitis, no new IPs, and cop-outs (ME3), it's gamers.


To me it was more of a Sims game than a rampage crime simulator.

I still play it and the expansions (BoGT makes up for a lot of the missing fun) today since I was kind of disappointed with the lack of technical improvements in Saints Row 3.

GTA 3 also seemed weak to me and I think part of it is the massive amount of resources spent on a new engine restricts the amount of new content.

Otherwise it might be that GTA fits better with non-contemporary period pieces.

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I haven't read any great sci-fi books (combination of lack of availability and laziness) but there are a lot of great short stories. You can start with

which you can get on kindle.

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I've only been to London once but I can recommend

which felt pretty unique to me otherwise London can be a little boring and seem a bit like other European cities. Get some proper shoes as you'll probably be walking for hours and the "tube" is pretty confusing.

I'm also kind of pissed I didn't know about

when I was there (search for Tin Pan Alley on Google Maps) which is kind of ironic since I'm from Denmark heh.

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... oh right video games

  • microsoft x360 controllers feel flimsy and wear out pretty fast
  • GOTY on a gaming coverage site is just as useless as the Spike TV awards
  • ever since GTA Vice City, games by Rockstar are getting less and less fun (or I'm getting more and more cynical)
  • games with jump scares are not scary
  • every game from EA since Mirror's Edge is ruining the gaming industry
  • L4D>L4D2, Portal>Portal 2
  • Valve won't make any more great games since they have Steam as a cash cow
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on the plus side it will probably come out before Black Mesa