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rot in hell

J/K more fans is always better

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They sold all their cameras and just bought new ones before E3 which they probably used for the first time yesterday.

Buyouts always make everything better...

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It's still before 9 o'clock out in LA so 2-3 hours at least.

Pachter was pretty drunk... he almost embodied Leigh Alexander

BTW WTF is up with skateboard stairs? Damn hippies...

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Alex: reviews bad games and writes snarky news articles to impress the ladies

Patrick: bombcast news guy, permanent quick-look'er and the e3 Sherlock Holmes

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There were a lot of haters for Microsoft and EA (I bet you will all still play Halo, COD, DS3 and BF to death) but at least all the sarcasm, hate and Ubisoft made Sony's shitty conference bearable. Even though Sony made sure noone would be heard booing because some bribed blogger was screaming his lungs out I could still hear a lot of laughing, hehe.


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These guys are really backing up this title which makes me optimistic about the game.

I just wish it would come out earlier than March 5 but at least we have a release date.

Indifferent stuff:

You'll be able to taunt enemies and launch attacks using your voice, but perhaps more importantly, "for the first time in South Park history, you can call Cartman a 'fat ass,' and he'll respond."

Plus preorder dlc, meh!

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I can't wait to see how Ubisoft's conference will top this in awkwardness...