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Really happy for Klose getting a World Cup after getting so close the last 3 times. He has really shined playing for Germany (even though he's born Polish).

I wonder if Messi is still playing in 4 years. He seems burnt out.

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Drew's clone just got swapped in. Go Drew!

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Go Holland! They don't mess around unlike that prancing and dancing Messi.

Now get hyped with some music from Holland

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For every rule/law there is someone who would exploit it.

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Is this serious? Here goes a dive into the hornets nest.

Disclaimer: I can be somewhat entertained by sports involving balls (or some other inanimate object) but I suck at them all.

  • Endurance is just as important as sprinting really fast unlike in football, basketball, baseball and maybe hockey (which also is a low scoring sport)
  • No all-star games and no draft system
  • Few showmanship gameplay elements like slam dunks, homeruns, full kickoff return (although penalty kick might be similar)
  • No mid-game commercial breaks :P
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Good luck with your first playthrough.

  • Switch between your crew members often (favoring the 'talented' people) because someone will most likely die and you can continue the game as another character.
  • Ammo is pretty scarce in the beginning (and guns without silencers are bad for stealth) so keep a couple melee weapons handy in your inventory. Storing the weapons in your stash will repair them (it might require tools).
  • If you empty a house of all the resources it is cleared and no resources will respawn there. However some other resource might show up there if you leave resources behind.
  • I think your camp still uses resources following real life time so you might need to check on them daily.
  • There is a finite amount of tool resources so save some for a second base with more build slots rather than spending it on upgrading your first base.
  • Don't stray to far from vehicles and keep an eye on your minimap for 'special' zombies.

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Nintendo fans (like many franchise fans) are hardcore passionate people who will deride 'non-believers' like Jeff. More proof in the comments to Quick Look: Mario Kart 8

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Call me crazy but I prefer 'bad' games (Risen, Hitman, Saboteur, Mercenaries, Scarface) where I feel like my actions matter to 'good' games (GTA, Skyrim, Saints Row, Mass Effect) that leave me indifferent.

Jeff has 'bad' taste from my perspective because he likes the opposite games (and wrestling :P) but I can respect that.