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@mikemcn: I find the story in Fallout 3 to be more like the depressing vibes in Mad Max compared to the humorous referential depravity of Fallout NV (stemming from Fallout 2). I understood Austin's opinion on post apocalypse storytelling to be that the rebuilding of society through factions is a more interesting scenario than the short-sighted dread of Fallout 3. Choosing which faction should progress based on their values and actions was a key part of the Fallout role-playing universe but I guess that is history now.

All that said, I think vanilla Fallout 3 is a decent game although I remember spending most of my time picking up tin cans in the metro. I'm replaying Fallout 3 with the wanderer's edition mod and it improves the gameplay IMO from a traditional focus of hoarding loot and managing encumbrance to survival mechanics where most of the loot and weapons serve a purpose. You can even disable most of the gameplay tweaks from ingame if you don't like them.

I highly recommend getting the unofficial patch and a UI mod for bartering. Anything else and you would probably require Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) and Fallout Script Extender (FOSE).

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Am I the only one detecting the irony of the OP?

As Kierkegaard laid it out, you could hopefully progress from your ironic apathy to caring about ethics (not just in journalism) in some form that has already been explored by religions over thousands of years. Otherwise you could just find an obsession like work, sports, drugs or alchohol and spend the rest of your life on that. Excuse my philosophical forum ramblings.

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I liked Todd Howard's sombre presentation of a whole chunk of gameplay at once but I need to see a live demo of the combat before I'm convinced.

Improvements in combat system (some of it from original Fallout):

  • Separate energy damage (resistance) from regular gun damage
  • Visible fire rate, accuracy and range for each gun (is it too much clutter to show DPS for each weapon?)
  • Bullet time VATS
  • Follower commands

Even though the crafting and settling features are appealing, I'm afraid it will just exponentially increase the number of bugs on release. Skyrim was fine though when I played it a year after launch on PC.

Unfortunately Bethesda's art style and storytelling turns me off. Maybe it's the engine that makes everything feel bland and unresponsive. I will probably get it on PC though where most of the content can be replaced.

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I respect Bethesda for making games that almost noone else makes but I have a few constructive criticisms.

The world of Fallout NV felt like a living world compared to Fallout 3 mostly because the indoor environments were fairly unique and intricately designed.

Skyrim was a little improvement in this regard but when I clear 3 or more caves (Skyrim), vaults or metros (Fallout 3) with the same layout and the same random loot my mind starts going numb.

Bethesda should hire some level designers for their dungeons and vibrant animators for the NPCs (see Secret World) when you spend the majority of the game looking at them.

I like the crafting gameplay of Minecraft, Terraria or even Fallout NV better where the gameplay hook is exploring to find the scarce materials and not grinding through arbitrary barriers like leveling or schematics/blueprints while hoarding 5+ different loot components in your house.

All said and done I look forward to Fallout 4 and the trailer looks promising.

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@joey2683 said:

I can't remember when and what video, but I believe it was Jeff that mentioned it was taken down because of content reasons in respect of or at the request of Rockstar/Take 2.

I think it was in response to Dave Lang's question: Has any publisher/developer ever sent a takedown notice? in his interview of Jeff at PAX east 2015 (saw it at gbunarchived's channel).

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Who else will save us from the whale monetization F2P nightmare? (Edit: damn this PNG thumbnail nightmare)

I apologise for dragging this into a twisted direction. This thread was a lot of fun until now.

Here is who I was aiming for if you hadn't guessed:

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I agree on most points and especially the combat. If I had to choose between "animation priority" like in Souls games or "enemy lock on priority" in Batman I would go with Souls all the time. I feel Sleeping Dogs has a much less frustrating but similar combat system that lets you dodge multiple enemies easier and you can get some distance to the group of attackers midfight if necessary.

I guess it all comes down to the way movement controls in third person games. It's almost impossible to do (circle) strafing in games powered by Unreal Engine or RAGE (e.g. GTA) because the character always turns before moving so you end up hiding behind cover in every combat situation. I could never get the sideways roll perfect in GTA 5 and the pause penalty was too much. Games that get third person movement right in my tastes are the previously mentioned Souls and Sleeping Dogs but for guns also Alan Wake.

It didn't help that I'm turned off by the tacky male/female exagerration of features. I know it's based on comics but can we please open our imagination a little and maybe have female grunts or less burly male grunts?
The scarecrow set pieces could have helped break the monotony of level traversal but in stead it devolved into simple platforming with timed jumps etc.

I still like the game like I like McD's cheeseburgers. It's fine comfort food once in a while but it doesn't hook me for continued periods of time and I have yet to finish City.

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Obama would buy up all the american game publishers so all the blue collar video game developer employed there wouldn't lose their jobs. It's the only way we all can avoid F2P phone games taking over the world, right?

I'm just kidding. It would dramatically increase crime and drug rates across western civilization until everything descended into anarchy or fascism.

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Wait a second. You're saying you adore Bioshock but haven't seen/enjoyed at least one of these movies?

  • Star Wars
  • Indiana Jones
  • Back To The Future
  • Alien
  • Terminator
  • Matrix

Bioshock uses the same concept of a dystopian scenario where 'the chosen one' is required to rescue civilization that is a key part of most of those films. Maybe you would need to see these as a child to suspend your disbelief for the 'bad' acting.

If the political trends in Bioshock is what attracts you, you could watch Dr. Strangelove or abstract movies like Metropolis (haven't seen this).

If that isn't your thing then my last ditch suggestion is Lars Von Trier's early stuff that is deliberately the opposite of Hollywood.

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The CG looks a little flat but otherwise it looks like a decent horror flick.

I still feel like I've just seen all the best parts of the movie.

I wonder if a Pterosaur of that small size could lift a human.