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@j_00700 said:

You can never really drink too much water.

Lots of people only drink water when they FEEL thirsty, but actually your supposed to drink a certain amount of water everyday, whether your thirsty or not.

Except for water poisoning.

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Virtualization is great for servers.

Consoles are still unproven territory but I'm afraid that we are giving up the advantage some console games have from using low level programming.

Thanks for the explanation and I'm excited Microsoft is trying something new.

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None. Geto boys!

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Consoles aren't exactly a godsend.

I had to download the Army of Two demo, launch it and accept the license agreement before EA would let me play Mercenaries 2.

Damn publishers...

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1998, 2004 and 2010 were peaks in gaming history. So 2016 should be epic.

I hope Microsoft explains how they deal with used games at E3. Anyways Diablo III sold 10 million copies so it's been proven that always online single player games can be successful.

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They should replace the shoulder buttons with analog sticks so I can press buttons and d-pad with by thumbs while controlling the camera with my index fingers.

At least the new FFB triggers sounds cool.

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Here's the reason for the video.

I think these things are new to the collector edition among other things.

  • Night Springs Comic Book
  • Psycho Thriller Comic Book


I agree about the development time issues and they pissed the fan base off with the DX10/Vista tease followed by Xbox exclusivity. Unfortunately the blame probably lies with Microsoft which has done all it can to kill Remedy (little PR for Alan Wake in the really competitive 2010). I bought an Xbox for Alan Wake (and Red Dead Redemption which released in the same month) so the least Microsoft could do was support Remedy somehow and any new IP is great news. I feel some of the "meta" level of Alan Wake storytelling was getting long in the tooth.

There was really only one enemy type throughout the entire game.

Did you even play the game? Fast and big variations of the main enemy type plus birds not withstanding later twists.

Releasing a game about atmosphere and story in this generation, dominated by multiplayer shooters, was a hell of a crapshoot.

Yet Mass Effect, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are some of the most popular franchises for the Xbox?


Not as far as I know. They did secure exclusivity with Alan Wake though.

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Saints Row is hardly a GTA clone. It's a gang simulator.

I felt that The Third took the story stuff too far by changing the world between missions. They should focus on the open world shenanigans like gang fights over territory and side missions instead.

BTW the shooting and flying felt really flat and the AI were more or less bullet sponges.

IMO Volition should just focus on a new Geo-Mod (open world) game.

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Damn those birdeye screenshots are damn impressive. I was worried how much of the coastline that they would model. Driving on the west coast from San Fierro to Los Santos was one of my favorite experiences of San Andreas.

Rockstar has proven that they can make games with great graphics and gameplay. Thankfully GTA is one of the few remaining AAA singleplayer franchises that hasn't been annualized and has pretty consistent quality but we only get one or two of that kind of game a year so my expectations are high.