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No, because the Euphoria/RAGE engine sucks the fun out of everything.

If you must experience the San Andreas world with GTA IV's gameplay, there is a mod for the PC version. It is OK fun but a vastly different experience. I would say the only improvement might be the vehicle physics but I hate running and shooting in GTA IV.

Edit: WTF is with the first post necro?

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I'm guessing your responsible for the great redesign of Gamespot, Alexis? If so great job and keep on keeping on in your humble fashion!

If only Andre the Giant were still here to force you to stay at CBSi.

P.S. there is nothing wrong with Serif fonts :)

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OK I'll bite.


I think everyone should have equal opportunity regardless of race, gender etc. However under no circumstances should equal distribution be a target for regulation or other government funded incentives. There are numerous equality issues that have merit like conscious gender based (mostly female) abortions, male custody, conscription.

Opinions follow

I think the labor market is a zero sum game and women should not expect to get a free pass due to gender.

Source: Article

There is plenty of evidence showing that the medium-skill well-paid jobs are rapidly disappearing and that low-educated men are increasingly employed in low-paid low-skill jobs. Furthermore, there are signs that male participation rates are declining across the whole OECD and that this decline is particularly strong for low-educated men.

What can be the cause of this? Education is a shortcut to a high wage job and that is a field increasingly dominated by women.

In an increasing number of industrialized countries, female educational attainment is now higher than male educational attainment. Women are in majority among secondary school graduates, among tertiary level students, and among tertiary level graduates. Judging from recent trends in international data, it seems likely that the female dominance in educational attainment will become stronger in the coming decades.

Men are in general taller and stronger than women and might be considered more productive. However they also spend more money on food so I think it is fair that they earn more.

In some careers women are preferred due to skills or personality like caregiving, detail assembly lines etc. Is there any special attempt to encourage men to be employed in these careers?

Other quotes:

Despite the fact that women are now in majority among students at the tertiary level, they still choose different major subjects than men. Here, it is difficult to draw any conclusions on international long-term trends since no long, internationally comparable time series are available. However, some studies on individual countries suggest that gender differences in choices of major subjects at the tertiary level may be diminishing.

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This video has made me genuinely consider buying the game even though I have no vested interest in the fiction.

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I can't stand the editorials of Polygon but their videos are awesome (because they are mostly powered by Griffin McElroy). Compared to Jeff and Brad (I miss Vinny), the McElroy's have better comedic timing and push/pull but on the flip side they can get really really victimizing and apologetic whereas Jeff is almost always pretty levelheaded.

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@oberoendesvtlol said:

@peritus said:

I believe that is correct.

On a side note, i love that this is a thing that gets discussed in all seriousness on this website.

Why wouldn't it be discussed seriously though? :-) What I find more interesting is why developers bother with - ON PURPOSE - giving certain characters flabby butts. Just imagine how the talks goes around the meeting table:

Why does Batman have a sixpack in Arkham games? It doesn't appeal to me as a (heterosexual) man but it's still a concept in games (though without a wiki page).

Don't take the following personal.

I can't help but notice that this thread is your first thread after an extremely unsensitive first post? Maybe you need to reconsider the effect of what you write from other people's perspective? I'm not going to defend the Giant Bomb community but they like Japanese games a lot. Those games have many defining concepts of animation for the history of games that originate in a different culture. Maybe stop to think: isn't it ethnocentric to consider foreign cultures offensive?

On topic:

Think of wiggle contra jiggle as animation of an action contra reaction respectively. Wiggle is animated when the player presses a button and jiggle when the player releases a button. For another type of jiggle see: Breast Bounce

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I've been playing Tiger Woods 2012 recently but I feel like using the right stick for controlling the club/putter swing is hit or miss. Either I make a perfect shot or it's completely out of bounds due to my giant thumbs.

I'd wish they would separate direction and power i.e. use the sticks for direction and the triggers for power.

I haven't tried The Golf Club which was recently released but there doesn't seem to be much good feedback regarding the controls and I'm not sure I have the patience for tinkering with the map building.

Anyways I hope this turns out good but it will probably be riddled with DLC.

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Ren and Stimpy: kickers with fart noises, psychedelic bumpers and Toast man spinner. I just found out this exists as a game for Mobile from 2004. WTF is that Symbian or something?

Spongebob: ramp up to the Krusty Krab that you need to hit several times to break through and get the recipe for the Krabby Patty and of course some jellyfish bumpers. Maybe you could make a Squidward or Patrick spinning thing.

Apparently I wasn't the first to get these stupid ideas but there's not really any real pinball tables with these themes.

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Sucking up to privileged insecure people. It's all good though because I'm the same way.Seriously though I am sick of scavenging the internet for any documentation about public code libraries until you finally give in and start running the unit tests and reading the code. I'm still hypocritical about it because I almost never produce that myself.

Also never knowing when your work is 'good' enough because in 6 months some new and better third party software will be released or some update will break the existing one.

feeling guilty that i somehow lucked into my current job, feeling woefully inadequate and realizing everyone around me is 10x smarter and more capable than i am. trying to learn and keep up with everyone and feeling like i'm doing a terrible mockery of it. afraid i'll probably lose said job at any time due to my incompetence, or my company going under.

I feel much the same way at some of the jobs I've had. Don't fret because some of the best advice I've read is:

Surround yourself with people smarter than you.

Then you will constantly strive to improve yourself even though progress might seem slow. I've tried a few brief jobs where I liked the work but it was incredibly demotivating to feel like you're the smartest guy there (which probably wasn't true hehe).

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I recommend Dell's IPS monitor. Their stand can be physically adjusted and turned in every dimension plus it serves as a USB hub.

I don't know if they are available in North America but Steelseries makes great no-nonsense mice and keyboards for gaming. They might not have fancy macro buttons or adjustable DPI but they are durable and easy to keep clean which is far more important to me. If they are too expensive then Razer's budget mice are great value even though they might look tacky.

Finally it's worth pointing out that while mechanical keyboards might seem like a big investment they will probably outlast any mouse you buy 4-5 times over (more than 10 years) while also serving as a great blunt melee weapon for bludgeoning zombies :P

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State of Decay recreates the idealized rural American atmosphere with great attention to detail and I fell for it.

GTA San Andreas had some really spectacular moments like driving into San Fierro from the east (I didn't even know there was more than one city at the time), crossing over the Golden Gate-like bridge, flying over the Hoover-like dam or to the top of Mt. Chillad. GTA 4 and 5 are more advanced graphically but lack the serene atmosphere. On the other hand maybe I've just gotten harder to impress.