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I love pie (even non dessert kind) but it seems mainland europe is mostly pro cake and the closest you get to pies is tarts.

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I answered no cause I think it would take half a year to show. I get by shaving once or twice a week pretty much.

On the other hand, my neckbeard and recently also chest/shoulder hair annoys me to no end.

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Steam was the only way I could get a finished working version of Bastion after buying it off humblebundle. All the menus were garbage in the game installed from the setup.exe that humblebundle provided even with the patch. However I think I still prefer games as a product over a service but it's pretty hard to curb the trend unless your EU or something.

Anyways it is presumably a free market so if you don't like Steam there are plenty other digital download services like

that sell almost any game you can think of e.g.

Suspension railroad simulator 2013

New York Bus simulator

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Duke dropkicking Guile was awesome.

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People should realize that PC games (and perhaps softwarez in general) are now either F2P or services/experiences that expire unless the intention behind the game is to be a mod platform.

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So I guess this is the first regular staff cast since site relaunch?

Bring it on!

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The point is to tie up the massive cliff hanger of the end of episode 2.

I just hope Valve is still making any kind of singleplayer game.

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Half-life is a great linear FPS with little story (how I remember it) and few "cutscenes" (pretty slow start) and it is marred by platforming and the ending.

Half-life 2 is a "rollercoaster" that is highly dependent on the physics "gimmicks" and driving sequences. It has a great ending and it is probably the best post-2000 PC single player FPS experience ever (along with Far Cry and Bioshock). I'm not sure if we'll ever see a single player campaign like that again (CoD doesn't count).

So if you hate challenging shooting and/or platforming skip Half-life but don't miss HL2 (the episodes are kind of forgettable).

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I don't know about the rest of Europe (they all seem to have native speaking sites e.g. ) but Scandanavia is pretty well represented.