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The CG looks a little flat but otherwise it looks like a decent horror flick.

I still feel like I've just seen all the best parts of the movie.

I wonder if a Pterosaur of that small size could lift a human.

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I don't know if it's just a bad game and I suck at games but I couldn't get past the first couple levels in this game at 8 years old.

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I spent most of my free time in high school playing SWG and losing myself in the universe but growing older I find Star Trek has more colorful plots even though their aliens are silly charicatures in comparison. TOS even had an episode where some people could channel "The Force".

I've lost a lot of respect to George Lucas reading how he took all the credit for the first trilogy when it was his wife who made the movies emotionally engaging in the editing. I'm not quite sure if J.J. Abrams can deliver something more than a CGI extravaganza.

Star Wars has so much potential for dark themes and 'gritty' cityscapes. Imagine if Oliver Stone or Tarantino would make something like Natural Born Killers in the Star Wars universe based on Tales of the Bounty Hunters. It could probably only happen if someone Kickstarted it :(

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It's a SEGA singleplayer game...

They need to pull in new customers by price because I'm guessing they aren't getting a long tail from hype/word of mouth.

THQ followed the same pattern.

I wonder if SEGA will be around in 10 years. I should really buy the Sonic Racing (cart) games to support them.

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Take off one piece of clothing every time you lose.

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@rachelepithet: one of the founders or board member not the inventor, still ironic

I'm getting a deja vu from some movie or TV show regarding that abominable device.

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Liking anime ;)

Really? Compensating for insecurities.

Crooked teeth.


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Great thread! Bill Hicks would probably roll over in his grave if he heard any of those concepts.

  • Dynamically narrated respawning
  • Whale nudging retention
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I still fire up the 360 arcade remake OutRun Online Arcade every once in a while. It has a charm that really appeals to my boyhood dreams and I don't care if the game offends anyone. Unfortunately I think Ferrari pulled the license after it lapsed so it isn't for sale anymore.

Arcade racing games

I well try to mention some games that have not already been listed. Thanks to the other posters for highlighting some games I didn't know.

Open world

I love Test Drive Unlimited because you could buy cars and garages on a life size (I guess) replica of Hawaii. It was a ground breaking open world driving game (before Burnout Paradise I might add). The sequel Test Drive Unlimited 2 was slightly disappointing because the first one was so great but I enjoyed it anyways (truly unique exotic cars that you can test drive, buy and customize). Unfortunately it probably didn't sell well because the studio closed.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is Criterion Games first take on Need for Speed and it's a great refresh of cops and robbers with modern super cars.

Forza Horizon has a great 'campaign' with unique events. The tuning from Forza Motorsport is removed but you can still customize the components.

Lap racers

Codemasters make driver career 'emulations' where you compete in different class/spec tournaments with their TOCA franchise

Slightly Mad Studios make car collecting games (that I could never grasp the handling of) like:

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