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People should realize that PC games (and perhaps softwarez in general) are now either F2P or services/experiences that expire unless the intention behind the game is to be a mod platform.

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So I guess this is the first regular staff cast since site relaunch?

Bring it on!

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The point is to tie up the massive cliff hanger of the end of episode 2.

I just hope Valve is still making any kind of singleplayer game.

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Half-life is a great linear FPS with little story (how I remember it) and few "cutscenes" (pretty slow start) and it is marred by platforming and the ending.

Half-life 2 is a "rollercoaster" that is highly dependent on the physics "gimmicks" and driving sequences. It has a great ending and it is probably the best post-2000 PC single player FPS experience ever (along with Far Cry and Bioshock). I'm not sure if we'll ever see a single player campaign like that again (CoD doesn't count).

So if you hate challenging shooting and/or platforming skip Half-life but don't miss HL2 (the episodes are kind of forgettable).

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I don't know about the rest of Europe (they all seem to have native speaking sites e.g. ) but Scandanavia is pretty well represented.

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Here is a useful overview/guide (a little old)

If you need international layout get a 'Das'. It is in the expensive part of the middle range but it is built like a fort. I have the brown cherry version and I bottomed out a lot in the beginning with my stumpy finger coordination (maybe the blues are better) but I guess you get used to it, it gets pretty comfortable in the long run and it will last you many years. I also have a Steelseries 6v2 and the black keys are mostly only useful for platformers.

In the unlikely occasion that your mechanical keyboard might break you can just retire it as a pretty sturdy blunt weapon.

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Bugbear is on PS4's developer announcement and this is their new trailer.

Damn video won't embed.



I'm pretty excited to see what they can do for next gen.

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It's a benchmark game?

Would you rather just play another Unreal Engine port?

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You let Drew down you monsters...