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Good luck with your first playthrough.

  • Switch between your crew members often (favoring the 'talented' people) because someone will most likely die and you can continue the game as another character.
  • Ammo is pretty scarce in the beginning (and guns without silencers are bad for stealth) so keep a couple melee weapons handy in your inventory. Storing the weapons in your stash will repair them (it might require tools).
  • If you empty a house of all the resources it is cleared and no resources will respawn there. However some other resource might show up there if you leave resources behind.
  • I think your camp still uses resources following real life time so you might need to check on them daily.
  • There is a finite amount of tool resources so save some for a second base with more build slots rather than spending it on upgrading your first base.
  • Don't stray to far from vehicles and keep an eye on your minimap for 'special' zombies.

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Nintendo fans (like many franchise fans) are hardcore passionate people who will deride 'non-believers' like Jeff. More proof in the comments to Quick Look: Mario Kart 8

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Call me crazy but I prefer 'bad' games (Risen, Hitman, Saboteur, Mercenaries, Scarface) where I feel like my actions matter to 'good' games (GTA, Skyrim, Saints Row, Mass Effect) that leave me indifferent.

Jeff has 'bad' taste from my perspective because he likes the opposite games (and wrestling :P) but I can respect that.

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I was farming a house alone for supplies so I was sneaking up to it taking out zombies melee-style, while still trying to be quiet, and I saw a feral zombie but I didn't want to risk pulling my gun out. Unfortunately it pinned me down and that was it. I can't remember which character but it was one of the 'party' girls so thankfully I didn't lose my most treasured character. The sense of loss was still greater than in any other game I've played and it made me more protective of the remaining survivors. It felt pretty ironic to get taken out so easily pretty late in the game, after facing a juggernaut or a house full of zombies and a few screamers. I guess you shouldn't venture out alone on foot.

Great game (at least on PC) and I might buy the DLC one of these days.

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Welcome to the new era of 'AAA' gaming.


You pay to skip the grinding and get the status symbols (showing off for other people is a reward) except grinding is the only gameplay there is.

/snark off

It's a business and some people pay for it so it keeps existing. Remember you can choose not to give these companies your money. Nintendo might be the last bastion for minimal DLC or microtransactions.

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

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Sorry, I don't want to be a jerk but I have to point out that neckbeards and combovers are coming back in style.

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I don't know if there are different types of software educations where you live but here are my impressions of the two major ones Software Engineering and Computer Science

I would recommend you choose Software Engineering if you like coding and designing applications and you think of math as a tool.

If you think math is the only objective reality in the universe and you might like to spend a long time designing a new compression algorithm that is better than any existing ones then choose Computer Science.

Remember that most people struggle with math and noone can stop you from coding no matter your education.

See Additional info


Regarding calculus I found the following here

Most universities, especially in North America, will teach calculus, often in first year. SEEK does not contain calculus, because it is not used by software engineers except when doing domain-specific work (e.g., for other engineers, for scientists, and for certain optimization tasks) and hence is not essential for all software engineering programs. However, there are a number of reasons why most programs will include calculus: 1) It is believed to help encourage abstract thinking and mathematical thinking in general; 2) Many statistics courses have a calculus prerequisite; and 3) Although needed in the workplace by only a small percentage of software engineers, it is just not readily learned in the workplace.

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Nice tease and thanks to the hard work of the fans.

*crank on*

If only Bethesda put as much effort into designing unique environments and conversation trees with consequences. If it's anything like Fallout 3 over half of the game will be you running through the same layout of metro tunnels collecting the same useless loot. I'll just watch the 'cutscenes' and 'epic' battles on youtube or use gamefaqs to find the 'interesting' stuff.

I hope Obsidian gets to take another stab at the Fallout franchise.

If this comes out on PC, remember to run the game in windowed mode so you can alt+tab to your task manager and kill it when it freezes beccause it probably will.

*crank off*