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It's a benchmark game?

Would you rather just play another Unreal Engine port?

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You let Drew down you monsters...

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Go here


and look at the times (they vary by about 7 hours) which should be localized.

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The beta looked beautiful (more shader effects than dynamic lighting though) and it seems to be on par or harder on my PC than Crysis 2 with the DX11 patch and hi-res textures (which I can't run on Ultra). The sound has improved as well.

The style just seems really bland and it will never be "art" which I guess all games have to be these days.

The only appeal to me seems to be that it's the only sci-fi FPS around but all Crysis games have slow and awkward movement (turning seems to accelerate and have momentum) which really kills the fun.

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Controller cause my elbow hurts and arrows for Super Meatboy.

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Wasn't the San Andreas minigame of this part of a story mission?
More proof that Rockstar is imperfect.

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End of MIB3
Sue me

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Pork, eggs (cook a couple at once and put them in the fridge with the shell on) and cheese is pretty cheap in relation to the energy you get and the expiration rate. If you're like me you'll quickly get sick of dragging shit home and just want to fill your fridge once or twice a week.
Just go to a restaurant once in a while or your taste buds might go numb.

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Opinions, yeah...
I can understand the need for simple graphics (I suck at drawing btw) but FTL is following the indie pixel art fad which is getting pretty long in the tooth. I can still appreciate the gameplay, though. At a certain point you will probably just get used to it just like I did with X3.