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@imsh_pl said:
@VilhelmNielsen: Yeah, but it's still one shout.  Besides, sorry but this video isn't really anything more than "hey check out this video I've made of me finding a shout" and shouldn't really have its own thread.
Hmmmm, it could be helpful if you didn't know where the boss or wall was to get some gear etc
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your right, its one shout but all three levels of it

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I found this boss which has some pretty great gear and a wall with three shouts on it. I was lvl 35 at the time........... 

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this has to be the easiest................... 

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@bonorbitz said:

The Witcher and Bioshock 2 are my current "quick fixes" until Friday.

@TheSRank: Have you ever played the original Burger Time?

sadly I missed it..... I understand you couldn't jump in the original
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Like 90% of every gamer alive I can't wait to get my hands on Skyrim. With a little more then a day to go I was looking for something that can tide me over until Skyrim is released. The metal gear compilation was tempting however, we all know that is too much of a commitment this close to Skyrim. Burger time is fun, and not too intense. yes it does get harder as you progress but in general you are getting chased by angry hotdogs and pissed off pickles.  This is exactly the right game so close to a huge release.... 

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@Slaker117: thats great! "status = single"   how funny
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I love to see developers messing with gamers. what other games have these types of moments? I can remember the metal gear series breaking the fourth wall. but what else?  Major spoiler in the video 

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I really like what the devolpers were trying to do with this XBLA game. They missed the mark on the execution though.  I love that they wanted to make a story driven platformer that harkens back to out of this world and flashback. Who wouldn't want Patrick Stewart to tell them a story? The game had me for about 10 mins and then lost me.  The animation reminds me of those classic games but not in a good way. Animation is much more fluid now a days and this just cuts from one canned animation to the next in a kind of jarring way. I would rather have the platformer feel more natural and have a flow to it instead of trial and error where I have to line things up with no margin for error at all.   I love hearing Patrick Stewart until I've heard him say the same line 10 times in 5 minutes.  I loved Limbo when it came out and it seemed to get right all the little details that this gets wrong.........

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@CaLe said:
Wait, did you just call an achievement a 'cheevo'? WTF MAN.
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