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I'm a fifteen year old Canadian who has been playing videogames since I was two. My first console was the SNES. and thus, from that day forward-I was a Nintendo fan! My favourite Nintendo franchise is Metroid, and my favourite Nintendo game is.....hmmm....well, I dunno, it's a tie between several (since I love lots of em'). Despite the fact that I'm under "Nintendo fanboy", that doesn't mean I won't play other systems. I own a PS1 and a PS2, and regularly play my PS2. I'm even going to invest in a 360 and a HDTV so I'll have a near-perfect trinity :) I'm a little disappointed in the direction Nintendo seems to be taking nowadays, but I still play my Wii every once and a while (I can't stay away from some of those games).

Currently playing: The Legend Of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass, The World Ends With You (again....), Metal Gear Solid 3, Rock Band (Track Pack Vol. 1).