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Because of their pretty awesome track record, I have confidence in the developement team that it'll be great.

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Halo 3. It'll be the first game I'll buy for the 360, since it's one of the cheapest and kinda a standard.

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The sequel has waaay more songs (initially) plus has the capabilities to have all the songs from RB1, and, I think the setlist is better (though, to be fair, the sound quality might be gimped or something, we don't know since it isn't out yet and whatnot).

So-grab it when it comes, I advise.

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I just watch the beginning, so I can laugh at the crummy or stupid people.

The rest is trash, in my opinion.

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Whopper. Way more taste, IMO.

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Yoda said:
"ok so..

Mario Kart DS,  New Super Mario Bros.

Other didnt really interest me.. How is "the world ends with you" ?? or anything that uses the stylus in a great way?"

World Ends With You is a great game (it's actually my favourite on the system). It's got a lot of customization, so the unique battle system shouldn't ever baffle you, but there is a lot of dialogue throughout the game.

The story seems to be kinda hit and miss with some people, but I enjoyed it.

Other gmaes that you could try that use the stylus a lot are TLoZ-Phantom Hourglass. It's just a continuation of the standard top-down Zelda formula, but a little bit easier and with stylus controls.

If you're a action gamer, I recommend these games:

Castlevnia: Dawn Of Sorrow (sequel to Aria of Sorrow, it's the better DS Metroidvania game between it and Portrait Of Ruin, namely due to the soul system-it's like a demonic Pokemon, almost)

Contra 4 (pretty self-explanatory. Great bosses, crazy levels, and brutal difficulty).
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You can't die? Not even when you're fighting those monsters?

Uh.....well, that kinda lowered a bit of my hype for it.

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More Weezer and AC/DC, personally. Weezer has some reaaaal good songs that you could sing and are generally more on the "groove" side, while with AC/DC you could totally go all out with the solos and the drum solos and the vocal solos and more solos!

And, I wouldn't mind some OLP on there :)

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