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A crap load of Leauge of Legends skins/Heroes and a crap load of limited edition TF2 hats. I'm amazed of the hundreds of games I own I choose to sink so much of my money into the free ones. 

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Nahh, I'm a fan of Turbo_Toaster's art, but a poster of a website? Even signed its a hard sell for me. Especially seeing as I live overseas meaning I'd also have to pay all sorts of ridiculous postage fees.  

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@DystopiaX: He has either started a site for the express purposes of trolling or is genuinely this idiotic. Either way I'd say he's wasted his money. That's what I get for taking anything linked from N4G seriously though I guess.
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The author of that list has clearly never played videogames on a PC, two of his points are related to not being able to use a controller and sit on a couch while playing PC games. He also brings up piracy and doesn't even mention Steam. His ignorance astounds me.      

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@MariachiMacabre: No because I enjoy Jeff, Ryan Brad and Vinny's opinions on video games. It's just depressing the way they've chosen to handle the site. 2008 GiantBomb was amazing and easily surpassed any of the work they'd done at Gamespot. Granted it wasn't exactly economically viable for them, if they'd just settled on ads and a similar feature set to what some of their older fans had become used to at Gamespot I wouldn't have a problem, it seems they favored change for the sake of change. And now they've looped back around and have ads(albeit fairly subtle) and continue to lock content off to people who are willing to show their dedication with their wallet. Not that it matters, they have plenty of new and willing fans who probably enjoy this set up more than I do, I guess I can't blame them for going where the money is. That's all.
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@MariachiMacabre: Nope, just changed it to PC, I care so little about pointless crap like that I didn't even notice.  And can you honestly say Giantbomb is in anyway better than 2007 Gamespot prior to Jeff leaving? It's a severe downgrade as far as I'm concerned. And it's gone downhill ever since, they cater way more to new fans these days. Not to mention only offering features that existed on Gamespot (Live Shows etc) to paid members. And to keep the site ad free? Well just look how well that worked.
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Most of the shit on the Live show is. Almost makes me want to finish off that time traveling Delorean I've been working on and go back and make it so Jeff was never fired from Gamespot.

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Most pointless release ever? I love Crysis but I can't see it selling too well at this point. Much of the reason it sold so well on PC was because of the visual splendor, granted having played the game and thinking the gameplay was equally amazing I guess it'll at least sell well to the enthusiasts that don't have the computer to run the PC version. Hell more people getting to play Crysis is damn fine by me.

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Oh no unrealistic gameplay mechanics in my unrealistic military shooter! Seriously if you're waiting with baited breath for Battlefield 3 to come out and actually resemble 2 or 1942 you're going to be sorely disappointed. At this point it's safe to say it's going to be Bad Company 3 with slightly larger maps. On the PC at least.

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I find there aren't enough terrapin protagonists in the videogames I play, bloody Xenophobes.