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Is the soundtrack acoustic stuff like the launch trailer, or electronic stuff like the other trailers?

The soundtrack is mostly electronic, there is some swedish garage punk in there aswell (not really my taste). The song from the release trailer is not (what I've heard).

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Haven't played much more than I did in the beta but it seems ok to me so far. But I'm curious, how does people outside Sweden feel about the swedish-english narrator and all the stupid references to swedish places, signage and other stuff? Oh and I don't think the music was in when I played it during beta but the soundtrack is pretty amazing.

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I love my password... its just... so impossible to break. random 12 Letters and 4 random numbers with randomly allocated caps!

XKCD is great, but if you want to know how stuff works you should check out and listen to the audio like halfway down the page. Then you'll think that maybe using four dictionary words isn't such a great idea.

But doesn't it still require a brute force approach to break or does a dictionary attack actually combine dictionary words together and in different order?

My take on this, 2^44 which is roughly 16*10^12 guesses is ok although it could be broken in less than a minute using sufficiently powerful hardware that is not outside of our technology today and access to a database dump. The comics assertsion of 1000 guesses per second is pretty far off what can be done using normal desktop hardware (paralellization on graphics cards = billions of tests per second). This does assume that the hacker is testing for a four word password (after this comic they might :)). If the hacker doesn't have this information he needs to test in the order of 26^25 combinations which even though it is only lower-case characters will take the rest of our existance to test using current hardware.

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@HistoryInRust: I'd say you are about a third through the game.

ME1: Think it was in the 50:ies to get a complete run with all resource nodes harvested and planets visited.

ME2: Around 40h

ME3: 35h + some change.

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Surprised how uninterested in this game I got when I saw the trailer. They milked GTA4 quite far and by the end of Gay Tony I was really tired of the gameplay. This doesn't seem different enough. It'll probably be great though, if it's more like San Andreas than GTA4 I'll get it for sure.

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ToE, best combat in any rpg, ever!

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@Mumrik: The simple answer is probably that you can self-publish on PC and PS3 while XBLA requires a proper publisher tied to the game.
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@TheBeast: Minor issue, if you go to when your session / cookie has timed out, it redirects to logs you in automatically (great!) but then redirects you to the full site and you have to manually switch to again. Imo should keep track of where you came from so it can redirect you back.
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I have yet to find a HD movie that works :P

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Strange, sound mostly like wishfull thinking from their part. Webhallen is pretty reliable though.