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Aside from the confusingly worded question ("Do you think they don't have a place"?), I don't see anything wrong with it.

It's rare to see a religious person leaping up and preaching to the masses. More often it's someone making a nasty dig at religion out of nowhere, which prompts religious folks to go "Hey man...". A fight ensues, which almost always ends with "See? Friggin religious wackos!"

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The bootlegger app converts it back to the '98 PC version, which just strips off the DRM and cloud saves. Now you can save locally AND install fan made updated art and music.

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I bought the Steam re-release, then dragged the folder out of the Steam directory and modded the hell out of it with bootlegger and Qhimm forum mods.

Remastered music, normally proportioned characters on the field map, hi-res backgrounds, fixed translation... Yeah, it's pretty great. If you have an itch to replay this (or do so for the first time), just do what I did and I guarantee you won't want a full remake anymore. The mods remove enough of the ugliness (like weird chibi characters that break immersion and pixelated backgrounds) to make the game enjoyable even without the rose tinted glasses.

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It took a while, but PS3 overcame a high price to end up virtually tying the 360 this generation. How'd they do it? Games.

If MS brings the good games, a $100 difference isn't going to stop people, especially those who see a value in having voice and gesture controls with the Kinect.

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Seems like amazing material for Vinny and a QL.

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Well it's out on Steam. Any reviews?

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You heard right. Intel builds tend to have longer legs for upgrading the GPU.

My ancient dual core i5 still pushes hard on a GTX770. Yeah I overclocked it to 4.2ghz, but the point stands.

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$170 for a motherboard is ridiculous. Those are made for extreme overclockers and tinkerers, which you obviously aren't. There are plenty of good Z77 ATX motherboards for ~$100.

Get rid of the soundcard- the GTX 770 supports 7.1 via HDMI. Ditch the water cooler and use a Coolermaster Hyper 212 for cooling ($30)- that'll be more than fine for stock clocks.

I'd also second the suggestion of building it yourself. It's seriously easy- things CAN'T go together wrong, as all the plugs are unique and keyed to fit one way. If you built an Erector set as a kid, you can do this. That opens up the ability to save more money ordering bundled items from Newegg and saving even more.

If you don't want to hand pick parts but are willing to plug a bunch of stuff together, start here:

I bought one of those combos 3 years ago for $600, and it still runs games near max settings @ 60fps once I added a $400 gtx770 to it. That's $1,000 and it's lasted me over 3 years.

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I just put a Zotac 770 in my old ass Micro ATX, Core i5 655k system. The dual core CPU bottlenecks the card sometimes, but performance increased MASSIVELY over the GTX470 I was rocking.

You should be fine as long as you have space inside your enclosure (the new cards are long, and it barely fit in my ATX Mid tower). Make sure you have 1x6 pin and 1x8 pin power cables on your PSU, and don't worry about PCIe 2.0 vs 3.0- there's no appreciable difference right now.

Know up front that you aren't going to MAX settings and maintain 1080p60. It depends on the game, but there's always going to be one or two settings that just murder GPU performance for people not running Titans in SLI. If you sacrifice one or two things (like DoF and draw distance on "high" instead of "ultra") you should be good to go.

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Dorkly posted this fictional first draft of Don Mattrick's open letter, and it's pretty damn funny.

My favorite part: "As far as Kinect watching you, yes- you uncovered our master plan to watch overweight twenty-somethings play Skyrim for 8 hours straight."