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The problem with Remember Me was the gameplay. I liked the world, the design, story and music. However, all those things fell flat. Here they are focusing on their story, which is aided by great style. I've played about an hour, and have enjoyed my time.

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I cracked and went to buy the game for £55. Not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky because it was pulled from the UK store and will be back on the 30th of Feb.

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@philipduck: Not good eh? I'm one of the few that enjoyed Dead Island, so i can't picture disliking this. Haha, I remember kicking a beach ball and it kicked my game. I'm still annoyed that they removed the cool analog fighting style though.

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@thethingaboutmachines: I had a very similar experience, I ended up buying it though because I had £40 already on my account and it had been sitting there since Christmas. I know my logic is extremely flawed but it makes me feel like I only spent £15 on the game.

I was going to pass the free DLC off as a mini season pass, but that's too insane. I guess, I'll wait for the physical copies to come out. I hear shopto are giving away free soundtrack and steelbook if you buy from them.

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I actually loved Dragons Dogma. Not sure what drew into DD because here in the UK, the physical copy of the game (least my copy) looks like it's fake or some shit. The artwork on the back is all blurry and looks weird. Anyway I'm glad I bought it, as it was one of my favorite games back in 2012. I'm kinda sick of MMO's though, but remain hopefully for this.

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I was considering getting the game for £55, but cannot bare to finish the transaction. I'm able to buy it, but good lord it's allot for a single game.

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@humanity: I think that's why I like him. In a world where mostly everyone is negative (me included), we need one dude who's being happy for the rest of us. I honestly think that guy is just that happy. Would hate to find out he's basically a pornstar and faked it all.

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@humanity: That's fair enough. I suppose, I just enjoy listening to them and their lives. I've listened to their podcast for ages now, and followed them back when they were doing just Machinima short videos. I find the idea of following people and getting to know them, even though they don't know you personally, pretty odd. However, that's the draw for me with Giantbomb and the TBF.

I think RadBrad is pretty good for his videos because he doesn't talk during cut-scenes, yet fun to watch.