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Hell no. After returning like 5 Xbox 360's back to the store after eating up countless Gears of War disks, I keep every console flat down.

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I do think EXO suits have ruined "classic COD" with double jumping. Although, personally CoD4 will be my favorite with World at War close behind.

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Can I make money to buy weapons by busking as Ellen Page?

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Camtasia is nice and simple to use. Best of all you get the month for free, giving you plenty of time for the 5 minute video to be completed.

Here's the link:

Best of luck :D

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@truthtellah: Absolutely and good post. I think it was the initial shock of hearing the audio tapes with that atmosphere they were going for with GZ with the kids all locked up in cages. Then jumping to this trailer with Quiet doing her powers and then some wolf turning up with an eye-patch. If somebody were to tell me that Metal Gear had super serious storylines, I wouldn't agree completely even though some themes are adult underneath the surface. I would just have flashbacks to Johnny crapping his pants. Although touching upon themes that haven't really been seen before threw me off and I forgot that we were dealing with the backlog of all the goofy-ness. To be completely honest with you, I actually wanted them to ditch the baggage of all the dumb stuff they had in the past and do a serious story considering this is Kojima's "last" MGS game.

However, I love Sutherland, but would pay cash to see his face seeing the script for the first time.

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@corruptedevil: It did and I agree with you. I do see problems with my post. Maybe my disappointment is a mixture of this being my first MGS game that I've actually waited for, even hyped myself up. Yet having a character that potentially COULD have a seriously dark background (rape) and having her dress the way she does along with teleporting powers really does seem dodgy. I know I know, there's a reason, as to why she dresses like that for the powers, right? Attaching some dumb reason behind it doesn't make it better.

None of this is your fault haha. I'm just trying to express my concern about what might be the best MGS game in the series. Be a shame to have things like this ruin the "story". Even though the story by nature is super dumb.

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I love MGS so I always expect it to be super dumb. However, walking away from Ground Zeroes I had the taste that this could be the darkest game yet. Those audio tapes for example wasn't exactly pleasant. Making Quiet into a slutty nightcrawler is bit of a let-down because I honestly don't believe you can have both: very serious elements attached to certain characters and then give them god like powers. I think I got wrapped up with Ground Zeroes that it made me forget it's still MGS.

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Looking around and most of the "worst purchases" aren't even THAT bad.

@cmblasko said:


Now THIS is what pops into mind. The only game I've seen sink faster than the Titanic and ended up £5 within a few weeks. If not SOONER.

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This is absolutely awesome :D I always liked watching other people stream for Extra Life. I'll definitely make sure to follow you on twitch and watch.

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