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Ok, so I'm thinking undercover with Cerberus....

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OMG! I actually cannot wait!

And if Shepard really is dead - spoilarz much? :S

So excited though!

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Yeah. One of my husbands goes "I can't wait to tell my friends about that." lol

FYI - Try to avoid Peter the Gypsy. Some of his sex noises are just disturbing! :S

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I love the random villager expressions in Fable 2. Having just finished having sex with my wife (Who responded by telling me I was so strong, and asking if those were new moves), one of the village men said "Oh, goody. Usually I have to pay to see a show like this."


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Remixing is made of lol, methinks. :)

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jakob187 said:
I say...good for Bale!  Dood deserves to be pissed off.  If a DoP, of all people, is going to be so irresponsible as to fuck up an actor (especially one as intense as Bale) during a scene, then he deserves to have his ass chewed out.  You'll even hear Bale during the rant say that he thinks the dood is a nice guy, but that he's also unprofessional and doesn't know his job very well.

Dude - DoP has a much more important job than the actor, IMO, even one as high-caliber as Bale (I presonally have never seen his appeal). The thing about filmmaking is, it's a collaberation, and acting is not the be all and end all of the process. Yeah, dude was probably tweaked from being all intense, and it does suck to get distracted when you're doing your thing, but DoP was possibly just focused on what he was doing too. Having worked in theatre and film a bit, I can't see why there would be call for losing the plot at someone like that. It's not like he was endangering anyone or ruining a take, so why blow up? It's just a bit douchey.

Having said that, the whole thing is probably out of context and out of proportion. But it is bloody funny. :)
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Hey, I'm a Fable 2 n00b, and apparent bigamist and I was wondering - since I'm a girl, will having babies limit my questing in any way (ie, do I need to do the pregnancy thing, or will it magically happen?) and can I still have babies with my various husbands, or is there a waiting period in between?

Seems like the thread for it. :)  Thanks.

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get2sammyb said:
"Hexpane said:
"Further proof that FF 'artists" don't actually design characters, they simply copy pop culture REAL LIFE people into their game, why is no one suing?  If I were meg ryan or Wrath of Khan I would have sued

I don't think they look alike at all."
I think Dakota Fanning is a closer resembelence.

*shudders* A ginger Dakota Fanning.....
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Seen numerous ghosts. No big. Either I'm crazy and coping with it, or they're dead and doing the same. ;)

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I'd go for Mass Effect. Partly because I've just finished my fist play through and want to spread the love. :D

It's an RPG, so it depends how much of a completionist you are. I reckon you could play through the main quest easily in about 12 hours, and that's if you take the time to listen to the story.  I did the majority of the side quests, and it took about 20 hours - plus I went treasure hunting. (my estimations may be flawed, since I can never bring myself to play just the main quest.)  Also, it depends on how much of an achievement junkie you are, since all achievements require multiple play throughs... If it's like an online rental thing where you could take your time, I'd go for it!

But seriously - it's one of the best and modt engaging games I've played in a long, long time.  Deffo worth a play sooner rather than later. :)

Edit: Ah - 5 days. sorry. I think u could do it tho. :)