Any advice to recovering iTunes songs?

So long story short, my Apple laptop corrupted, fried, and died on me. The hard drive is beyond repair. When it died, I lost all my music that I had bought from good ol' iTunes. Now I have a new laptop ( really a used Toshiba with Windows Vista) and have re-downloaded iTunes. My problem is, obviously, that I need to get my lost songs back. I've already sent an e-mail on the situation and hope some good news comes. But, I wrote this hoping some one here has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it. Any advice is much appreciated on my end. Thanks in advance.


I miss my games!

I work a in a plastic plant that used to have 12 hour shifts and was great. Work two days, off three, work two, etc. But for the past three months, they've switched us to working 8 hour shifts, 7 DAYS A WEEK. Thanks to this, I have no time to get invested in any game long term. I used to be able to sneak my DS in and play that during slow nights. Unfortunately, business has picked up again which has chucked that out the window. 
Just working and sleeping is an endurance test in itself. Adding games just sitting there collecting dust is bugging me.  
Though a rumor has started that we could be back on the old schedule in October. If that's the case, then General Knoxx is going down on day one.  
So I pose this question, How long have you gone without gaming whatsoever and were you cool with it or did it drive you nuts?