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Dislocated shoulder blade and a dislocated jaw in separate backyard wrestling incidents. had to go to the hospital the next day for my shoulder, but during the fight with my jaw, it got relocated after taking a stiff Stone Cold Stunner. My jaw still clicks loudly when a eat a tough steak or a particularly overstuffed sub sandwich.

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Huh, don't know why I never though of this. The cord on my phone charger can separate from the plug and is much longer than the DualShock 4 controller cord. Sounds neat.

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I never trust a vertical system. Pretty sure though that it doesn't matter which side is up as long as it doesn't disrupt the heating vents.

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This stuff is always fantastic.

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@ssully: The Conquest severs have been on fire (as in broken and straight up non-functional, not in the "everyone is playing it" fire) since launch. The only game modes that seem to work okay for me has been Rush, Teamdeath Match, and Obliteration. DICE has been talking to people in their forums saying that they are working on the mess of issues and that it's their top priority to get things smoothed out.

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As far as I can tell, it's just broken. Played a good amount of Battlefield 4 and took some video from the Share feature. When I went back to watch it, it was all silent. Just another thing that Sony is gonna have to fix at some point.

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I bought Fallout: New Vegas when it came out. Then all the stories came out about how broken it was with it locking up a lot and corrupting saves. So I decided I wasn't going to play it until the majority of the issues were fixed, but I ended up forgetting about it until the Ultimate Editions came out. The base game that was mostly patched up and all the DLCs for $40 was just too good an offer to pass up.

So yeah, I have two copies of New Vegas sitting side by side.

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I failed the first two times. The first was when I missed a stop sign because it was obstructed my a tree. Seconded time was turning on a yellow light. Third time was the charm.

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Hotline Miami is great on the Vita. The only other recommendation I can make from the limited games I've played on it is The Walking Dead. If you haven't played it yet, it looks amazing on the Vita and runs pretty well.

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