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Naughty Bear. I really liked Manhunt and Naughty Bear was sold as a Manhunt type game but with stuffed bears. After about a couple levels, I started to hate myself.

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I loved Silent Hill 4, issues and all. But, I can see why it wasn't part of the collection. Silent Hill 2 and 3 were the best in the series and Konami obviously wanted to showcase the best in order to try and drum up some potential sales for Downpour.

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Man, I remember playing this with my cousin an it being extremely fun and chaotic. When I bought my first house, we played it on a small 13" T.V. on top of a couple of moving boxes with some beers. Great game.

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Had them a couple of times. The shell was really salty and just barely tasted like the "Nacho Cheese" chip we know and love.

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Jeff might review it. I think the gems would totally mess up the balances and tiers.

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Probably not. It would just end up being a huge clusterfuck. Keeping everything separate is for the best.

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I don't have any, but my mother has about 40 or 50. I remember listening to them when I was really little. Thought it was magic. Ha ha

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I'm always floored when I see a disaster or a event that seems like it happened a month or two ago only to come to the realization that it was a year ago. Godspeed Japan. Time heals all.

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Just finished it. I found the ending kind of fitting. He saved one family when in all likely hood, he wouldn't be able to save his own. A personal salvation kind of thing. I'm a huge fan of bad endings (Main character dies, the goal ends up failing by design, and just shit going south in the end.), so it worked for me.

Also, that mutant thing is totally accessabile be doing a little climbing around. If you decide to help him, which takes a lot of resources, he gives you something awesome.

He gives you a Shotgun with 5 rounds. Great for the final big fight at the Pier.
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Metal Concerts. Last one was the Mushroomhead Halloween Show. Next up, Rammstein. After an intense mosh pit, I usually have a big ol' slightly blooded smile on my face.