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Seems like an interesting pairing. Maybe they can bring back/ revitalize some of the Sega franchises that haven't been seen in a while.

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I have a pre-paid Tracfone cell that is basically only useful for texting and phone calls. Just bought a Vita about a month ago and play it at work during downtimes. I love it so far.

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I felt the map size for Fallout 3/ New Vegas were perfect. Not too big to get lost in, but not too small that everything was just crammed together.

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The only one I bought so far is Dino Crisis 1. Mainly because I had it way back in the day and never finished it. If i complete it, I might get another game I had, but never finished, Wild Arms.

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Just listened to the whole show. If they keep doing ads live and with a thin layer of comedic timing, then I'll love 'em. Earn that cash fellas!

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My absolute FAVORITE character design. It also didn't hurt that I was pretty decent with Q back when I played SF III: 3rd Strike. The trench coat and fedora combo, nice suit and tie, and the metal mask really just has that air of mystery that the developers and artists were going for. Plus, not only was his look amazing, but his animation was superb. Such a clumsy style and yet, a powerful one too.

I really liked Fishers look. The early games in particular really stuck with me. The perfect look of a modern ninja. Those three lights from his Night Vision Goggles are just perfect. I will say that his wardrobe in Splinter Cell: Conviction was also really good.

When some one says "Dreamcast", this is what I think of. The characters of Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in the U.S.) were some of the best designed characters during the Dreamcast in my opinion. Bright colors, the cel shaded graphics, it all blended beautifully. It wasn't just the GGs either. Poison Jam, Noise Tanks, the Love Shockers, even the police looked amazing.

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I'll mention that I play games. It's a part of who I am. If someone puts me down because of it, then they aren't worth my time.

My boss would always make fun of the gaming "culture", if you want to put it that way, as just a bunch of unemployed, lazy men children in their parents basement. Then I came in wearing Cog Tags I got from a friend for my birthday and stamped my name and birthday on the back at work (I work in a factory that has that kind of stuff.). He thought they were pretty cool and noticed that I loved videogames, yet I was always at work, did my job, lived on my own in my house that I bought, and busted my ass to get everything I currently had. He changed his tune shortly after that.

So yeah, not ashamed in the slightest.

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When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

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If Drew really was a shape shifting, soul stealing sorcerer. Then North Korea would have a very distinct advantage over us.


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You didn't end your fucking parenthesis.

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For me, it's looking like a tie between August (Splinter Cell: Blacklist) and October (Battlefield 4).