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I just picked it up about a month ago and have been slowly making my way through it. I'm still in the Undead Parish and fighting the winged gargoyle boss on top of a rooftop. I can definitely see the appeal of this type of game. Been thinking of picking up Dark Souls 2 when it comes out even if I don't get around to beating the first one.

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I'm liking it. As a mostly Recon player, it's nice that that class now has the ability to take on a tank or jeep with C4. Also, Zeroing is a neat mechanic that takes some getting used too. Playing on the 360, it looks and feels a little janky at times but, still liking my experiences with it.

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None that I can recall.

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I would love more Rorie. But, if he isn't readily available, I'll accept an Alexis.

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Sounds awesome. A Daily Feature that has Vinny, Matt, and Ian screaming obscenities at a punishing game would be worth my premium subscription.

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Seems like an interesting pairing. Maybe they can bring back/ revitalize some of the Sega franchises that haven't been seen in a while.

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I have a pre-paid Tracfone cell that is basically only useful for texting and phone calls. Just bought a Vita about a month ago and play it at work during downtimes. I love it so far.

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I felt the map size for Fallout 3/ New Vegas were perfect. Not too big to get lost in, but not too small that everything was just crammed together.

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The only one I bought so far is Dino Crisis 1. Mainly because I had it way back in the day and never finished it. If i complete it, I might get another game I had, but never finished, Wild Arms.

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Just listened to the whole show. If they keep doing ads live and with a thin layer of comedic timing, then I'll love 'em. Earn that cash fellas!