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Having slow internet, I usually will buy discs. I'll do the same next generation like I did this generation. Mostly discs, but I'll also buy a few downloadable games.

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Huh. That'll fit nicely on top of my 360. Now I just wonder how loud it'll be.

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Probably not. I don't see them radically changing at least for the first few years. Hell, they might not even change their policy until the next generation. It all depends on how wide of a gap there is in number of Xbox Ones sold compared to the PS4s.

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Not really. I've only ever heard of Killer Instinct and never played it. seems interesting, but I can't help but think that the fighting game genre is starting to get a little crowded again like the late 90's-early 00's.

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Just check the website every once in a while on my laptop. Luckily, I was scheduled to have this week off from work so I can stay up late for their E3 streams.

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Currently 360. Most likely going to get the PS4. Mainly because the price tag and I'm not a fan of where Microsoft is heading with their polices and direction. The idea of being forced to use the Kinect for anything irks me a bit. I'm sure I'll get an Xbox One some time in the future, but it'll be in the distant future.

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Doesn't bug me.

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Most games that I like are generally multi-platform games. While I have a constant internet connection and rarely buy used games, I just don't like where Microsoft is heading with it's policies and direction. While I loved my original Xbox and 360, I'm 95% sure I will pick up the PS4.

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Guys, I might be nuts. I think CBSi is trying to sabotage Giant Bomb. At E3 2012, they give them a studio space that was clearly not meant for human beings to live in without a bulk of Hazmat suits and a hospital size supply of industrial disinfectant. Now they get their equipment stolen in an actual studio provided by CBS. Damn you, Bastards! Damn you to HELL!!!!

In all seriousness though, I feel so bad. :-( At least they took it in stride and are still trucking. :-D

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So. Since the proper "Battlefield" games are pretty much console games as well, then what happens to Bad Company? Are we ever gonna see BF:BC3?