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Hans Zimmer hands down. This song alone would make me want to see him live if he ever went on the road touring.

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Pitch Black. The only Vin Diesel movie I've seen that I actually liked. Plus, the anime was really good for being only like ten minutes long.

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I'm mostly a wine person, Red wines to be precise, but will drink anything with alcohol. Casillero del Diablo (the merlot in particular) is one of my favorite wines that I like to drink.

For beers, I usually stick to Heineken. If Sapporo or Rouge Dead Guy Ale is around, I will gladly drink it.

I'm not really into the liquors. On the off chance I do drink liquor, I drink the absolute cheapest stuff a bar or store has in stock. Korski Vodka comes to mind as a favorite.

No doubt as you can tell. When I drink, I want it to hurt.

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I like watching it. Never want to play it. I'm just waiting for the video where they all perform group suicide for a Legendary Key or something. (I have no clue what I'm even saying.)

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My TV and game set up is in my small living room, so unless they fixed it so that I don't 8+ ft. of space to use it, I won't care. I'm still under the impression that we can still use the controller to navigate the menu stuff, right?

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The first time through, I'll play it in English. The second time on Ranger Mode, I'll do Russian with the subtitles.

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Hmm... Sounds interesting. I'll hold out and see what they say at the Microsoft Event.

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Love me some Grilled Cheese with Tomato soup. Goldfish crackers are mandatory for my soup if I make it. Some heavenly stuff right there.

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Not really the games themselves, but I do have to convince myself to play online multiplayer games. Never played shooters much and had to talk myself into Gears 3. Ended up enjoying the experience once I got the hang of it.

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Pac-man and the Warlords cash game is the only ones I can come up with.

They should do this for Divekick.

I'm down for that. I don't know if they have enough people to make a big bracket though.