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I only use it for bot posts when I write reviews or post videos.

I'm getting too old for the toxicity that is twitter. Plus none of my friends use it anymore anyway.

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Thanks for posting this. I just bought a vita and thought there was something wrong with it (I'm super OCD about electronic screens). Glad to know!

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Whelp, I applied. I'm not exactly a tour-de-force in the community here (I prefer to lurk and write reviews), but here's hoping!

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@rorie I do have one question regarding cover letters on the resume page:

Are you (or the GB crew) the ones talent scouting this, or is it going through CBS? I only ask because I imagine the tone of the cover letter will vary depending on who we are addressing.


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Wow, that associated editor job is like my dream job. And I actually have all the experience requested.

*polished up resume*

*prays to the Bomb Gods*

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Wow, that picture really got to me and I didn't think it would. Great list.

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Oh man, with retro games vs collections it's a big thing. For example, I bought the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections even though I own all the games on their original systems.

I bought three copies of Darksiders for whatever reason (Xbox, Onlive (ugh), PC).

Rebought a ton of games after getting a PC, most notably Skyrim, Devil May Cry 4, etc.

I bought around five copies of Nier because I wanted the company to have money and they went under anyway. I later gifted the extras to friends (It's an amazing game, yo).

P3FES and P3P.

I've bought Resident Evil 4 on every system it's come out on, whatever that says about me.

Switching to PC exclusivity was the smartest thing I did, though, because it cuts back on dupes and the games tend to be a lot cheaper. Replacing the games from other systems is also less (since most games drop fast on Steam sales).

Oh, I've bought Phoenix Wright like three times because I KEEP LOSING IT. Ugh.

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I had a game back in the War 3 days that lasted over two hours.

Both teams had Mega Creeps by the end and we couldn't push out for fear of a single hero breaking in and killing the throne. Eventually someone on our end just rushed to the other side of the map and throne-dove through their heroes until it was finally over. I believe it took two or three dives before we finally won.

Longest DOTA 2 match was probably around an hour fifteen. I'd imagine the game has been balance to a point now that it can't go over 2 hours anymore without people trying to drag it on intentionally.

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I love Omniknight, but I also play a mean Dazzle. I guess I just prefer supporting (Necrolich is fun even though I swear his ult exists to steal a carry...wat).

I recently found I'm actually pretty good with Slark, and Miranda - who I've been avoiding since the DOTA 1 days because I suck with arrow - I actually can land stuns now with. Go figure.

But yeah. Omniknight is the Omnibest.

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Holy shit is this real?

I...I don't even know what to say.