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Can't wait for this

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Fuck man how could bungie fuck up their clan system after having good ones before?

I'm in NA West, Gamertag: thveej (add me please)

I'm going to add a bunch of people from clan list I guess..... I THOUGHT THIS WAS 2014

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@zironz: On the indie side of things I agree, but at the same time that branch of the industry is super young and I genuinely do believe that those sort of biased will get sorted over time (and as you said discovery on steam and mobile is probably their biggest problem right now) and if there is a silver lining to this whole shit show is maybe people will be more aware about favoritism in the indie space.

I really have to stop myself from exploding in fit of anger and ranting on here, I don't want this thread to be locked, but any legitimate question at the core of gamergate is so fucking small as far as problems with ethics and standards goes in this industry that it is laughable to me. The shitty thing is people being absolutely despicable and vile and fucking inhumane on the internet are being somewhat justified by a group of people crying foul about a potential problem (that is not even proven to be true) that in the grand scheme of things is super minuscule and not that vital to the financial, social and ethical health of this industry.

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I know this topic is sidetracked from the initial question, but I think its a fantastic question that more people should be asking of themselves.

I can not believe how clueless these gamergate kids are to the realities of marketing/pr in the video game industry...... I don't know how people can be so cruel and disgusting over a subject matter that even though we are all very passionate about is still about video games, fucking video games.

Hey here is an idea, maybe you shouldn't be sending people mean messages and death threats if you are truly worried about how gamers are portrayed and about the level of ethics in vidoe game journalism (never mind that there maybe handful of actual journalist in this industry, reviewers don't fucking count).

Well I hope this thread doesn't get locked, good luck folks

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between this and bloodborne I will finally get a ps4. (although I really hope they announce a vita version cause P4G was SO DOPE, I played that game for at least 30-40 hours laying in bed or while in the bathroom)

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I'm driving up from Vancouver Friday morning, if any duders in Vancouver is going and needs a ride you can PM me.

Apologies to mods if this is against forum rules in advance, I couldn't find anything concrete about it.

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@dazzhardy said:

I'm not sold on the commentary, but, as it turns out, I still get a kick out of seeing wrestler entrances on new machines, just look at dat smug Randy :D

That commentary still seems real awful.

Listen to this noise, the universe is not happy about the commentary tonight

As someone who pretty much did all the videos for EA UFC, I am super interested in seeing how this game is shaping up. My heart goes out to both the dev and markting people at 2k trying to ship this game as I have no doubt right now everything is on fire, building a brand new game on next gen in such a short amount of time is ridiculously hard. Cloth physique is super hard and they seem to have the same problem we had with our cloth not looking great and bunching up around the armpits. I really don't like how his eyes look, they are either too good or not good enough hard to tell. The light ring on top of the ring does not seem to be generating much dynamic lights and you can really see it with how bad the lighting looks on Cena while waiting in the ring; he almost looks black when compared to their previous screenshot where he had proper lighting. Although WWE really don't use those light too often in their presentation compared to the ufc.

I wish they used more tighter shots with more DOF during the entrance, the wide shots up close makes you realize that this is actually a video game specially when you see the announcers alongside the super detailed Orton model.

Personally I wish they made the titron video rendered in game, having real FMV in the background is kind of weird (but that requires a ton of work so I'm not surprised).

And man the commentary is terrible........

Still super excited to play this game, 2K have done great with NBA, I trust them with this.

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@mjk0104 said:

I've never really had a problem with 8 and 8.1, once you get rid of the Metro thing (Classic Shell is the way to go), it's just like 7, but with a few improvements here and there, totally fine.

I agree, I don't even use classic shell anymore, just right clicking on the start button gives me all the options I need right away

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@junpei: agree Cesaro makes a lot of sense, really hope they go with him. Lesnar vs. Cesaro match will be great, I wouldn't even mind if they went with sheamus . Both are physical opponents for Lesnar to destroy and somewhat believable as young challengers trying to dethrone the beast and bring the championship back to the locker room.

Reigns is still not ready for the main event, its crazy how much more groomed both Rollins and Ambrose are at this point. I don't think he is good enough to have a back and forward match against the top guys, his moveset is still very limited. It would have made more sense if they just made him a monster aka like goldberg, but that kind of style would not help his development (I think he is better than that) and would be boring really fast and kind of lame for 2014.

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Great PPV. Really impressed with Rusev tonight, ambrose and rollins could fued forever and it will be great, orton should have won after that crazy RKO.

Main event was fantastic, I just want to see brock suplex everyone a billion times now. GERMAN SUPLEXES ALL DAY