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Man guys sorry was going to break the cm punk news here 10 min before it was announced. Phone battery died at the fights :(

I'm happy for punk but he will get killed by any half decent fighter at 170 or 185. Ufc signed him so bellator wouldn't get him (much better fit there for punk cause he could fight cans more easy). I feel like punk should have fought in Japan in shotoo at an amateur level if he wanted to try mma and do stuff with njpw but he choose fame and money I guess.

Also we will have a free legends pack for the ufc game this week. Brock is in it and the video I made for it I think is pretty sick. Unfortunately a video idea I had for it fell through cause Paul heyman and lesnar were asking for too much money and Dana white randomly decided he would very badly describe it to Brock and he hated it. I'll post it when I got back home from Vegas. I think he looks much better in our game than in 2k15 but I'm biased obviously.

If by chance any of the duders are at psx come say hi at our booth. I'm the dude with the mass effect hat

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@i_stay_puft: I was half expecting Stone Cold to give Vince a stunner and flip him off after he said the WWE Title doesn't matter.

Generally I would be really put off with how much of a shoot that interview was, but at this point with the current product being so bad, guys like Vince and HHH need to be responsible for their decision and we as fans need to know what the fuck they are doing.

I mean the Ceasaro stuff is pretty infuriating to me, whenever I have watched any recent WWE event with more casual fans they have always been impressed by him. Heck, I had random people pick him in the WWE game because he looked more bad ass than 90% of the current roster and they had no idea who he was or if he even was a good wrestler or not. Sure he isn't stone cold or hulk hogan but he is clearly way better than Vince thinks he is.

In other news, I will have some very cool stuff to share with you guys very soon. I may or may not have been on multiple conference calls with Paul Heyman in the last few weeks.

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Vince is fully a crazy old man at this point. Your roster isn't over and your answer is that they are fucking millennials? He was contradicting himself left and right, one second he is saying talent shouldn't be pissing off management and speaking up a second later they are not trying hard enough and are lazy and are not challenging management like attitude era guys did. Dbry/CM Punk killing themselves in the last 3 years and doing everything possible inspite of your booking to get over is somehow not reaching for the brass ring.

But my favorite thing out of that interview, was how adamant vince was that their competition is everything else on tv. Well Vince, if that is your competition then you are failing miserably. Because RAW is fucking absolute garbage when compared to any halfway decent cable show (I'm not even comparing to the creme of the crop) or any sporting event. Heck you can log in to netflix (or even your own fucking network) and have a way better time most weeks watching random movies and shows there than watching RAW.

Also the fact that he thought his dad letting go of an announcer right before a set of TV taping, just because the poor bastard wanted a raise, was an awesome move from his dad describes what kind of person Vince is.

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I would say obviously if you don't like it that much don't play it, but the game really does shapes up when you get your second home base. Maybe 10-15 hrs in if you are doing lots of side stuff.

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This whole early access beta movement is utter bullshit. I don't want to playing broken games, during the last year I played quite a few games that were in actual internal beta' and its just not fun to play (and it breaks the magic of video games when you realize video games are broken till 2 weeks from launch).The part about beta and early access for consumers is pure garbage and PR bullshit. Consumers don't want to play broken games; maybe instead of trying shove down a franchise down people' throat every year you can take a year or two off and polish up the game. Don't get me wrong, day 1 patches are a reality of the industry right now, but when you see games like COD, Shadow of Mordor, Forza, Sunset Overdrive and Wolfestein were largely functioning fine with a day one patch; shit like AC and Driveclub and BF4 are unacceptable

The embargo shit was just embarrassing, hope they will change things up on that front.

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I have played maybe 15 hour ish of it, and its fucking awesome. Never played DA2 but this seemed like the game I expected to see coming from DA:O . I will say the game does have some hard enemies from time to time and some tough encounters that you need to use tactics and the game is way harder if you play it on hard rather than normal. Can't say much else cause I'm not too deep into it.

*disclaimer, I don't want to necessary pimp this game out cause of my job (conflict of interest) but from what I have played it has been very, very good. So take that from what its worth.

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Based on the QL, Gamespot's review and what you duders were saying about this game I picked it up last night digitally on ps4. Runs okay, some frame rate issues but nothing too bad. I didn't die till the worshiper boss and died a couple of times to him just being stupid, it held my interest and was engaging enough for me to play that far in one sitting. 1 on 1 the combat is pretty good, some enemies are really defensive though. Boss fights have been pretty cool and I like how they change up their tactics/look as you kill them. I have a big problem when facing multiple enemies (same as ds but even a bit worse), I guess you can use your gauntlets to agro enemies but I havn't found a good way of pulling enemies like I did in DS with the bow.

Just got the the ability to put runes in weapons, and I do like how much your gauntlet can change, I should probably use it a lot more since I'm a cleric (the hammer has been a lot of fun). Whats the artifact I need to know how to kill bosses in a "unique" way like the tool tip says?

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Well I should stop buying indie games on steam since they all are coming for free a few months later on consoles......