Why I am gonna love Bulletstorm (and why you should too)

At first I agreed with a lot of the commenters about Bulletstorm. I thought it was absolutely childish and stupid that they were releasing a game where you can " Blow out a man's asshole." But then I thought to myself, "Why am I being a pretentious hipster by saying I am to good to shot a man in the balls after calling him a limp-dick retard." I answered my own question. "No, I am not too good for this game."   

I have noticed a lot of video games that have been released in recent years have had really dark themes and stories. Heavy Rain was a veritable Film Noir, the Assassin Creed trilogy is about how the world is filled with dark subterfuge and ensnared in a web of lies and deception, and Mass Effect is a game about the entirety of man coming to a bloody and violent end.   

Games like Super Meat Boy and Costume Quest have been great because they are just plain hilarious to play. But I just find the satisfaction of kicking a man into a electrical transformer then screaming about how it "scared the dick off me" to bring back great feelings from my childhood. It's like the first time you picked up a hooker in Grand Theft Auto when you were 13 years old, who didn't sit there and get a chuckle out of it?
I don't know if the game will actually be made or produced well but give it a chance. Your inner child will thank you