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Bummed that I missed being able to join the ESPN group, but when checking my bracket score I would currently be tied for third place after yesterday. Nice!

Rooting my my boys from Dayton. It would be nice to get out of the round of 64 again. That's when the big games happen. This first Thursday/Friday is still my favorite though with four games going on at a time. Yesterday was great.

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Such a weird situation. The Garfield Spider-Man movies seem even more forgetful now, and I imagine they will be forgotten before long. He's a good actor, and so is Emma Stone, but I disliked everything else about those movies.

Bring back the same J. Jonah Jameson for the new one. He's too good in that role.

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Another weekly podcast with them, the new hire, and maybe a guest every once in a while would tickle me in the oh-so-right places. Make it weekly, and hopefully not premium (although a weekly podcast with Vinny may be the thing that gets me to resubscribe).

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The Substitute 1 through 4

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I don't have evidence, and I happy of that, but I have a vague memory of making some racist comments to some people on YouTube about how they should speak English instead of Spanish or something awful like that. I was twelve or thirteen, and have thankfully shed that part of myself.

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Can't say that I'm going to start reading Kotaku, but I am happy for him. I wonder what led to him wanting to write for them instead. Maybe it makes more sense because video stuff is hard to do off-site, while he can write from wherever. Is he still working in the CAH offices? This kind of makes me more bummed than just knowing he left. I won't go so far as to say I feel burned, but it will be weird with him writing for another site. Oh well, good luck Patrick. We love you.

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So damned bummed. Patrick was one of the best things to happen to the site. All of these moments, Patrick leaving San Francisco, Ryan passing, Vinny leaving San Francisco, and now this, always hit me in the gut in the weirdest way. I don't like it.

He said he's still gonna be in editorial. I wonder where that will be or what that means.

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It's after Thanksgiving, which means listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas. Damn classic.

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I haven't gotten any yet. I'll have to check the mail when I get home from work.