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Ctrl+F "Touch her..."

Got it.

But if she did agree to hang out, then you've got the hard part down, or one of the hard parts anyway. If you want to foster conversation, get coffee or pizza together. Don't do a total big dinner just yet. If that goes well then go back to your or her place and watch a movie or something. Go for a drive. See what she likes to do.

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Like someone already said, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's are fantastic. Had them for almost two years, the spiral cord ones, and they are great. Not a single complaint, and they sound great. They are kind of stiff when they are new, but they work in pretty fast.

Edit: Oops. Just saw you said headset, not headphones. But one guy said he clips on a mic, so these headphones are still good for that if that is an option.

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CTRL+F "Touch her shoulder." Okay good. Just making sure. But actually, it will happen when it happens, as long as you are not activiely working against it happening. Make yourself someone who a girl would want to date, and be yourself and find somebody who wants to be themselves to you.

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Cover of The Blue Album. It's been 20 years, man!

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It gets played sooooo much at Christmas, it could get old. But apart from all that, I think it's just a really cool movie. No complaints at all from me.

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He cannot be stopped.

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I voted it's over because it usually would be, but it's a case-by-case thing I think. There should talking and discussion before any decision is made, if the relationship was good in the first place. Don't get screwed over and let people take advantage of you, but also sometimes these things happen and couples move on. I don't know. Coming clean and honest communication has to make it easier I assume.

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"Old Fashioned" by Chet Baker, "Getchoo" by Weezer, and "I Am the Cosmos" by Chris Bell. Great stuff!

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I know a lot of people in retrospect just say that high school is bullshit, but it serves a purpose. It can be stressful, but I found the best way to get through it is with friends. I enjoyed going to school for that very reason. I always had people who could make me laugh. Get involved in something you like if you have time for it, and if it's your thing and you can swing it, get to know some girls. Bummer about the crazy commute though. I never had to deal with that.

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I talk to myself all the time in my car, usually just trying to work stuff out or think about what I'm going to say to somebody later.