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Not overly impressed with the design, looks like a $10 Taiwanese PC case that's been branded "luxury". 
Saying that the Wi-Fi is cool, and hopefully it will be quieter and more reliable.

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Natal WITH ball on a stick in both hands would be awesome, then you could move around and have pretty accurate control with your hands.  Shame it will never happen.

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I got Vista 64bit version when I built my new pc a month or two ago, after a couple of niggely little things I got over at the start (mostly from being used to XP) its been rock solid.

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Add me please!  PSN: Vilrak

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I don't like the long loading times between areas, shame they coundn't make it seamless somehow.. plus its a shame people can't meet in the movie theatre so you can see comments from other people about whats showing. 

I don't think its fair to be overly negative now though as its the open Beta, give a few months and if nothign much changes then its justified.  Although for a 2 year wait there seems to be very little added since the initial screenshots.

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I always took the orange and especially the red races to mean you cars is to crap for these, don't even bother trying.  First win more green and yellow races, upgrade your car and then try and beat them later when the difficulty is reduced. 

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Although the game is quite unforgiving, I REALLY don't see why people thought it spoilt the game. 
I like a challenge and would of found it boring if it was easy.

*edit* Although I can understand its frustrating if you need to blast through the game relatively quickly for a timley review reasons.

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Can't you just use a program to stream Netflix on PC to PS3 anyway?? I saw this before and it looks like you can  , problem solved?

*Edit: I'm late to the table again, already been said :D*

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I'll pick it up, its bound to fun to play through.  Naugthy Dog know there shit.

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I'll get this one on PS3 (makes a change) just because I played the 360 demo and I couldnt pull off a dragon punch consistently with either the stick or dpad.  As mentioned on the bombcast If I had an arcade stick id prob pick it up on 360.

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