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Every option is "unable to load save file" for me

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I can't wait to see this same discussion come up again in GOTY 2013. "This staff member ruined the end of this game that I have not played yet. A pox on thee good sir!"

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@Funkydupe: That is not what I'm saying. My point is if a person is unhappy with a good or service they should stop supporting it. This topic comes up all of the time and it never changes. I sincerely doubt that the GB staff is actively thinking, "Oh well, it's a slow week let's just take it easy and not post as much content as the users want." I love the GB staff. I've been with Ryan and Jeff since the beginning of the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast. However, I also understand that these people have lives outside of the games industry. Life happens and sometimes it can slow down production of the site. Also, there aren't that many games that the staff seems interested in playing right now except FarCry 3. So be it. I would much prefer a lot of discussion of a big new game coming out than them shoveling through things that they don't care about or are not excited to play.

So yes, subscribe to GB and support these guys and accept that not everything that they do will be pure in-depth or comedy gold. I love GB and keep up the support guys. Or not. It's your prerogative.

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@Branthog: Well It's an easy solution that you and everyone else faces. Next year when your premium membership has to be renewed, just don't.

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Every time I see a topic like this I feel like the users are shooting six shooters at the staff's feet and are shouting, "Dance!" If you don't like Giantbomb currently go check out the other 2,000 game coverage sites out there. It's really not that hard of a concept.

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As someone who has beaten the game 5 times, you more more than powerful enough to power through the rest of the game if need be. Keep it up though I always enjoy other people's perspectives on one of my favorite games.

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Empire Total War is slowly becoming the bane of my existence. I adore the Total War series. Rome and Medieval 2 are probably in my top five games of all time, but for some reason I can't seem to get into Empire. I think it's the different keyboard commands, seeing the firing ranges of cones everywhere, the somewhat complicated campaign map, and boring tutorial that are holding me back from playing the game.

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*cough* it's a videogame.

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@Ravenlight: first I'd call 911, then send out a tweet, maybe a facebook status update as well.