Gears of War apparently rated E

I haven't played Gears online for a looong time now.  I'm very bad at it.  I kick major butt on single player, but online, I can't keep up with these 12 year olds.  I swear, it's like i'm in school again except this time, instead of being the big guy that nobody messed with, I'm the one who can't tie his shoes and trips around everywhere and gets  called a "!@#$%^&*@#$%^!@#$%^"  by the other kids.

It wasn't fun.

That's a scary thing for me to say.  Someone who's main hobby is playing video games when I'm not studying for some inhuman graduate exam.  I've consolidated my hobbies since school doesn't allow for very much free time.  Gaming is #2 after school.  I take it seriously.  Serious fun, I mean.  I mainly play like, RPG's and stuff, but I enjoy a good shooter now and then.  I try to keep it varied so I don't just get hooked on one genre and miss out on something TOTALLY AMAZING on the green grass on the other side.

But I'm off topic!  Little kids clogging up Mature rated servers.  Really pisses me off!  It's an old argument, but I'm so sick of it!  Microsoft in all it's glory can't manage this any better?  Pay some people to listen for high pitched little kiddie voices and then BAN them.  

RRRAAAARRGH!!  Wesman angry!


Braid and Time

So yeah, I finally broke down and bought Braid and I like it a lot.  The puzzles are neat, the music is amazing, and the time traveling is, well, I'll get to that in a minute.  So this game seems very personal to the person that wrote it, and the puzzle pieces fit together into some interesting paintings, don't worry, I won't ruin anything for you late buyers.

What really amazed me was the time traveling bit.  I thought it was so original and adds the 4th dimension to this game that doesn't have the 3rd dimension, right?  The 4th dimension being time itself...think about it.  Anyways, this concept seemed so original and fun to mess around with.  So yeah, then I went to my local game store and found a little game called Prince of Persia Sands of Time for $8 and decided to give this thing a try.  Yeah that's right.  I totally missed out on these games during the PS2/xbox/gamecube era (Forgive me Yahtzee Crowshaw!!!) and decided now is the time to get them on the cheap.  I start playing this game.  Next thing I know, I'm using time travel and story telling ("wait, that's not how it happened." sound familiar to you PoP fans?) to complete these levels that are basically puzzles.

So now I've played PoP and have seen Braid's (sort of) source material.  I guess I don't really have a point here except to say that I enjoy both games, but suddenly, Braid isn't so original anymore, except for the wonderful music and great puzzles.


Rediscovering Burnout...

for the first time.  :D  Just played the paradise demo on PS3 as some people had suggested to me.  Wow.  That game is a lot of fun.  And I don't even LIKE racing games.  I usually get bored with them almost immediately.  (Even GTA III for that matter...)  This one is different.  Just driving around doing nothing is fun in this.  You can just see how far you get at top speed without wrecking!  And then when you DO wreck the thing....YOU JUST WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!!

I want this, but I think I'm going to wait for the downloadable version coming this fall, which I got credit for adding to the Burnout Paradise page, but received no points for.....


Gears of the Bat-War

Yeah, just saw Batman for the 3rd time last night.  Still love that movie.  Even when I know what's going to happen.  haha  In other news, read about Batman: Arkham Asylum.  That game looks intense.  A little TOO intense for a T for Teen, in my opinion.

Croc looks rather small, don't you think?
  But that doesn't matter.  The graphics looked good.  What I read about the plot sounded good.  Killer Croc looks AWESOME.  But, as usual with me, there's one thing I didn't like.  Game Informer's article noted that an over-the-shoulder camera angle would be the default.


Yeah, I like Over The Shoulder view too, when I'm shooting things in Gears of War and Resident Evil 4.  But batman?  Shouldn't it be a full 3rd person camera more like Splinter Cell?  Unless I've missed something in the comics, Batman doesn't mow down his enemies with guns, why would I need to be looking over his shoulder constantly?
Give the Riddler a pencil to write with! Somebody!

Leave it to Microsoft...

Just when I think they couldn't do anything more ridiculously stupid, they pull something like this....and TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!!  I just read about this Exclusive Amazon Deal they're going to have for Gears of War 2 (Original Title, by the way.).  At first I'm thinking, this is something the super fans will love, the regular fans will pick up, and leave the newbs going, "whaza huh?"  I think it's an interesting idea giving people real live replicas of Sci-fi weapons that make noise and stuff, but this pricing is amazing!  At first I'm saying, oh $139.99 for the bundle, ok, I see where they're going with this.  But wait!  There's more!  That's just for the plastic gun with blood painted on it.  If you want the GAME, you gotta pay up some more!  Bringing your grand total, Mr. Phoenix, to around $199.98 plus your taxes there.  THEN after this you get back your $59.99 (thanks Wafflestomp for reading the finer print which I was too angry to do) for the game.

Oh wait, you want that special edition of the game?  Tack on another $10, son.  Plus you don't want to wait a week to get it after release?  Add in your shipping too since this is Amazon Exclusive.


I actually reserved that Amazon Deal for Fallout 3, where you get the Pip boy 3000 clock as well as the special edition of the game for $129.99.  That's an outrageous price too.  I'm starting to wonder how far these special editions are going to go.  It's like just selling us a good game isn't enough anymore.  They REALLY wanna make us pay for it!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning people for getting that gun.  I loved Gears of War, and I also said I'm getting the Fallout 3 special edition.  I just wanted to post how amazed I am at the pricing for these things.  I'm starting to wonder how much being a super fan is really worth, you know?


I wanna be an Xbox ELITE!!

So yeah, my warranty is probably run out on my 360, and considering my track record (THIS IS MY 3RD 360!!!), I'm thinking about upgrading to a new ELITE model.  Not only is it blacker (To look like the PS3 of course!  Fanboys...attack!), it has a bigger hard drive, HDMI support, a NEW EXTENDED WARRANTY, and again, the bigger hard drive.  I see that being handy after this fall update that will supposedly allow you to load games onto the HDD.  I also like that it supposedly runs more quiet, has the newer chip set, and doesn't RRoD quite as often.  Now, just to come up with the cash.....


Extra Fallout

So I got the "White Label" edition of Fallout.  That's a DVD with Fallout 1, 2 and tactics on it.  ! and 2 doesn't even require the DVD, but tactics does.  So anyways, point being, I bought this months ago, played them, LOVED them and moved on.  But with all this Fallout 3 excitement, I dug that old disk out and checked out some other files on it.  It has a complete collection of art and images from the game and development.  It has this one magazine cover that I've tried to upload but I can't get to work for some reason.  It's a 3D image of Vault-boy riding a bomb like Slim Pickin's riding the nuke in Dr. Strangelove.  Or if you haven't seen the movie, it's the picture they showed on Giant Bomb the day before the site launched.  He's even got the cowboy hat in his hand.  So I'm going to try and upload it again when I have better speeds.  Also there are 3D prerendered images of battles, hand-drawn artwork, .gif files of animated characters, all of this is mostly from Tactics or Brotherhood of Steel, but if you're a fan, this is a tremendous collection.  If you're not a yeah, Madden, now there's a football game.  Yeah.

Well, a lot of my crap got rejected yesterday and today, but mostly because I was probably the 50th person to edit a page or add something that was already there.  lol  Kinda made me angry at first because I had worked hard on some of it, but on the other hand, what they put in it's place is better...most of the time :)

Only thing I wasn't sure about was an edit that said I should merge some stuff.  Did he mean paragraphs or information or ideas?  haha  I may be over thinking this, but I guess I should look at what has been posted on some similar games first, then try again.

Happy editing.

Giant Bomb prevails.



Anybody else notice...

how GREAT this website is?  I mean, we're creating this thing from scratch, basically.  Got an e-mail from the Jeff himself this week, which was really cool for me.  Since we're still modifying pages and stuff, I asked about Cheat Codes and FAQs, and he said we should be getting some details from on high very soon, if it hasn't already been released by the time you're reading this.  Honestly, since the speeds have picked up a little, I am really enjoying this site.  I've already used it to reference a few things I had questions about, which means less time spent on those OTHER know the ones I mean.

In other news, I've heard some disturbing rumors on the message boards about people getting blocked from other gaming sites for talking about Giant Bomb over there.  I hope it's all just bull, but if it's not, shame on them.  Don't the moderators over there have anything better to do than sit around looking for "Giant Bomb" to show up on their boards?  That's crazy.

Anyways, here's to another week of hard work on the site!  May your submissions be accepted and your wiki points be added efficiently!

Giant Bomb prevails.



So I tried something new today.  Instead of adding a new article on a game, I went around to some existing ones and edited them for spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.  It wasn't very fun, but I don't know how to do fancy fonts and headings and stuff yet, so I'm sticking with repairs.  Hey, somebody has to do it!

Giant Bomb prevails.