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But what about the mechanics? I need to hear more about mechanics and less about entertainment value and fun.

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@Aegon said:

shirt without seeming racist. People who were buying or wanted to buy the Fuck Ryan Davis shirt were complaining that they wouldn't be able to wear it in public, but what's gonna happen when someone sees "CHINA DON'T CARE" spelled in huge letters on your shirt? What will they think is the reasoning behind this message that you're trying to propel?

If you're hoping that it'll be a conversation starter, then I'm not sure it'll be very useful outside of recognition from other bombers/duders. Unless you think the girl asking you why China doesn't care will find the video game site you visit an interesting topic.

China isn't a race. Is America a race? Why am I even posting this? Like China, I don't even care.

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The fact that MIcrosoft said anything surprises me. Wow.

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@LegendaryChopChop said:

Looks like the era of Call of Duty is truly over.

One can surely hope.

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I made it to 2:38 but that was it. This is pathetic.

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And another thing.  Who uses the word "rankle" ?!?  Alex does!  haha  I've not heard that used in a loooong time. 

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insightful, well organized, and professionally written article.  I approve!

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I just want the Dark Knight Returns old rugged lookin' Batman 2nd from left.  And Robin might be cool.  
Also, remember last time when PS3 players got the Joker as a playable character?  That was memorable.  He had his own combat moves and everything.  It wasn't just some skin.  I hope Robin is like that in this game.  I agree we should ALL get access to it later at some time. 

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Eh.  I'm feeling kinda lazy.  I'll just buy a copy that's already completed.  That way I don't have to unlock anything.  Also it will be cheaper.  It's a win-win.