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I made this roughly as cheap as I could because mostly I wanna get fucked at a reasonable price. ($12)

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Yeah, this one looks more correct:
I think I'm just gonna chalk it up as good old Russian craftsmanship!

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It's actually just Arial Black. I don't think it's perfect- but it seems close enough for me. Also, even though I know it originally stood for "Get Fucked, Boi" now I can't stop saying "Giant Fucking Bomb" when I look at it. So there's that.

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Just got mine- looks awesome! Although it does look to be a bit of a factory second (the image is at least an inch or two off center) Do you think it would be worth contacting tee-spring about?

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You know, with the rise of "Get Bopped" and "Get Bopped, Son" as the Lang-endorsed PG version of "Get Fucked, Boi" (I think he said he taught it to his kids so they could bop in a family friendly way), I wish GFB would kinda go away. Get Bopped is so much more fun to say.


Well I think you just wrote the next rumble...

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Hey duders- I honestly don't spend a ton of time in the boards here, but I found myself wanting to represent RUN GFB on my desktop and made a wallpaper. A search (as best as I understand it) of the boards did not turn up any info on one, but I figured if anyone else would like it I would post. Hope someone enjoys!

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Best video game ad I've seen this year.

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Being a few hours into Wisconsin, I am definitely going to be watching for the next one of these so I can plan for it!