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I am a just a Chiemera hybrid that has survived this constant war with humanity sence our break out in "Russia". I am a high ranking hybrid tha-. Ok enough with the Fictinal bio lol basicly, i'm a big Sony/PS3 fan as you can tell, but i am neatrual i like the Wii and the Xbox 360 but the PlaySation 3 is simply my favorite of the 3 and if any of you have a PS3 maby you could tell me your PSn and i can add you as soon as i get a new one. In case your woundering, my old PS3 was stolen almost 2 years ago (march 2009) and i recently orderd a new one online a couple days ago and it should come tommaro. The games i will have soon is 
Resistance Fall Of Man 
Resistance 2 
And Killzone 2. I will be getting Killzone 3 as well as God of war 3 (But that does'ent have multiplayer lol) and LBP2 (or start with the first one) and a few others (non multiplayer) so if you want to play online together just hit me up, i will be adding my PSN ID when i get my PS3 and get it connected. 
(EDIT) I have a playstation 3 now, ID is  Godofthunder00.