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going to Nickelback, Hinder, Papa Roach, and Saving Abel in August

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@armaan8014 said:
" Im gonna get the game in some time, contrary to what people have been saying about it.   I was hoping the story would be good, but i really want some body tearing action to remove my anger on. "
you'll get plenty of body tearing action with this game. Just don't expect to care about why you are able to do this
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and I gotta say that while it was a lot of fun however, the story did absolutely nothing for me. I loved all the powers and abilities that you had at your disposal and the fast/fluid action made the game very enjoyable but I found myself not caring one bit for the story or any of the characters. Maybe this is just me but I feel like they didn't even try to make the player invested in what was going on. What did you think of the game? Did you find yourself caring at all about the story or were you just rushing through it to get all the powers like me?

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Formula One Championship Edition and Resistance: Fall Of Man

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I know how to play, I just like to have fun and capturing flags isn't that fun to me. Its a game so I don't take it to seriously and I don't care if our team wins or loses. Im just in it for the fun

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@PercyChuggs said:
" I once got my 2 baby mommas to take my stupid kids to this dumb anime movie. "
haha. bravo good sir.
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@jakob187 said:
" Dood...holy fuck.  I gave up on those things.  I got about 130 and said "fuck it".  LOL

Go find it.  If you need, this might help:

yeah I used that map so I don't really know how I missed one. oh well. Is there a way in the game to find out the general location of the orbs you are missing?
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Oh man. Im so frustrated right now. I have all of the hint orbs and 199 of 200 landmark orbs. Its gonna be impossible to find this last orb. Brings me back to the days of Crackdown and the frustration I had tracking down all those agility and hidden orbs. Oh well, maybe I will find it eventually. Anybody have any hints or tips for finding the last orb

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@dopeman said:
" "Anime is for jerks" "