GOTY 2011 - Revisited

Revisited on 01 Dec 2014 - Time now to revisit my picks for GOTY, 2011. Really there is just one addition that was criminally left off the original list: Dark Souls. Rage was removed at #8 to make way for it. As much as I liked Rage, the ending was so awful that I felt that #s9 & 10 should stay on over Rage. Skyrim remained at #4 so that meant Gears lost 2 spots. Everything else through #8 is just moved down 1 spot.


RAGE - (moved from #8) Such a great game and one of the best looking of that generation. I loved the world and the gameplay, just a shame that it had one of the most disappointing endings of all time.

Forza Motorsport 4 - FM3 is usually regarded as the best in the series and FM4 just refined it. It didn't do anything new, really, which kept it from being ranked higher. In light of the total garbage that was FM5, it would be no error to have had FM4 somewhere in the top 10 though.

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