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Fuck oath this is rad. can't wait to see your skills in painting them.... and then see them on the show haha

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Compare these guys, to Phil Fish.

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All the best in your next videogame life buddy. I only know you through GB but you are almost a daily companion from all the content I absorb from this site. We will miss you sorely. I will watch each TANG again and again over years to come.

My heartfelt condolences go out to your family and friends, and especially your new bride. This is way too young an age for anyone to pass, let alone someone with your energy.

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Is there any update on this? It looks like we can't set our time zone in the profile anywhere (which may be a better way to do it??)

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I'm an idiot.

Is this becuase it is converted automagically to our local time?

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Don't worry - just build parks in your neighbours cities... ahaha (if you can get in)

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It doesn't look very dark.... They better retain the painterly photoshopped Cutscenes.... and I vaguely recall that Steven Russell is reprising Garret's role??

As Thief is my favourite ever game series I'm hanging for this... hopefully it is more than just a DXHR reskin (which would still be a good game). I want something spectacular, not good.

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Everyone fucking knows that this means sweet fuck all for Gearbox - you suckers are still gonna eat Borderlands 3-10 shit up on a plate and hell... even the next Duke Nukem when it comes around to release time. (next 3 years at most).

All this shit slinging at gearbox will slide right off when the next fanboygasm game that seems to be Borderlands (which I thought was a rather shit update to that Diablo FPS that failed majorly as well) get's released to epic reviews and stellar sales.

Gearbox are laughing all the way to the bank.

edit: got mixed up and realised that they had nothing to do with gunman chronicles.. ahaha

Let's just say the last decent thing they did was Op For, as Blue Shift was pretty average...

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@arimajinn said:

Remember when Warren Spector used to make good games?

Not really... he was a name on Deus Ex, System Shock and Thief and from what I can ascertain the other big names behind those either were largely responsible or much better at building upon those foundations to make great games... ala Dishonoured and Bioshock.

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