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Insane. When you consider Kinect isn't going to be largely for games anymore (why would anyone make games for it) but mostly a way to maneuver about the dash, $150 is crazy-towns.

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I still haven't figured out if this is good or bad news. Better than Google buying them, at any rate.

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That guy really likes his 'not-U2' music.    

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There aren't a heck of a lot of PSN games for $5. If you can bump it up to $5.99, there are a few good PS1 games to be had. I recommend Silent Hill, Jet Motot 1 or 2, Suikoden, Twisted metal 2, Wild Arms, Wipeout, and Castlevania Chronicles. If you bump that up to $10, you can get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid, Final fantasy VII, or Final Fantasy Tactics.
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This is my comment.  Ya hear me?  MY COMMENT!

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I think they're messing with us again.  Like they did when they were about to air the Yukiko boss fight and alluded to it being "all over" in their podcast.

But if they aren't, and they really can't get the video fixed, and it's all over, it was a good run.

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Sorry Brad, but I can easily resist buying this thing.  My DS lite works just fine.  None of the feature upgrades you mention even remotely makes me want one.

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Flower is the better game experience.  Noby Noby Boy is more a sandbox experience, than it is an actual game. 

I think Flower is a MUST PLAY game, Though I have to say, both are "love it or hate it" games.

But yeah, short answer - Flower.

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I've put in about 9 hours of P4 on my 60 gig PS3 and it has run flawlessly.  I've never had a problem with corrupt game saves either.

And Persona 4 rawks.