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With alexs new tweet, I'd say Ryckert is all but confirmed

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Wait, Where is Ian going?

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Gonna be too busy listening to the new daft punk album, sorry

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EDIT: Shit, I stole the quest. MY BAD.

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Hey Folks, sorry for the delay, work killed me this week.

I will Generate a world tonight and look at some spots i think might be decent. Then I'll put the world up on rapid share or something if you guys want to looks around!

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@Ravenlight: Agreed, It's only going to be fun if everything goes horribly wrong.

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Haha, I don't plan on embarking on some bullshit Cursed Forest run, but if the players could give me a general idea what they would like i'll try to find a suitable spot

EDIT: MEGABEASTS ARE ALWAYS FUN. Had a skinless turtle that breathed poison get stuck in a stairwell once. Spread poison to every one who used to the stairs. I never recovered. Learned to not stack all my stairs on one block.

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Allright! Looks like we have a fair amount of interest going here (sorry for the delay, I was gone most of the weekend) Yes I agree on the time limit for the posts, though I can't decide what sounds like a fair time. A week? Two weeks? a Month? My initial reaction feels like a week is pretty short and a month is WAY to long, so two weeks seems good to me.

And going by the who responded first, here is the list of players so far:


Sankis (Maybe)

Paul_is_drunk (maybe)






That's more than 7, so we have at least a full embark ready to go (counting the maybes :D) Next question is do you guys want me to decide on an embark location, or should we do it communally?

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After watching Dave hack his way through some dwarf fortress I got the itch again, so I decided that I would see if anyone would want to play a succession game! Sucession games, for those who don't know, are games where you get to take control of the fortress for one year in game time and usually accompanied by some kind of journal entries or writing. A classic example of this is Boatmurdered.

SO, anyone interested

EDIT: Here's the link for Boatmurdered. Warning, it may cause painful laughing.