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Hey folks!

My name is Eli and I've been on GiantBomb for several years now. Really enjoy the site and the community around it.

I try and play every major game that comes out and enjoy broadcasting them on my channel. I mostly prefer console games over PC, but have been playing World of Warcraft ever since it's release and have definitely spent too much money during Steam sales expanding my library. A few friends and I have started a weekly podcast which can be found at We'll have it up on iTunes as soon as we get that feed setup on our site. We talk about videogames, movies, TV, comic books, professional wrestling, and pretty much everything else that eats away at your time. Feel free to stop by and leave us a comment on our channel/facebook to let us know what you think.

Keep being the great community that you are and play more games!

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This is an incredibly silly business model. Especially since there are so few MS Stores.

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@Apocralyptic: Have you tried the voice support in ME3? I have a feeling if you had you wouldn't make that type of comment, because it's actually pretty great. It made combat a lot more fluid and since it removed having to bring up the power wheel to fire off squad powers (beyond what you had hotkeyed obviously), I found myself using all of my powers instead of just the ones that were assigned to left or right on the D-pad. I also ended up actually issuing squad commands for flanking and taking up defensive positions, which is something I never bothered doing before trying out the Kinect support. Kinect support like this is great, and I definitely approve of more games giving you this option.

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Good thing Journey came out just a little bit ago. I'll play that instead of my planned Mass Effect 3 session.

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If I can't transfer my psp games to Vita for free, I don't want to transfer them at all. I'm not disappointed by this decision.

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I'm enjoying the game a lot, but I went into it with the mindset that it's going to be a single player experience. I'm really enjoying all the quests and storylines, and I figure once I've levelled a Sith and a Jedi to 50, I'll probably be finished with the game unless there's some major work on the endgame content.

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Man, that's sad news. 63?!?! It's always rough hearing about someone dying so young.

RIP Gary.

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Hopefully I don't have to work on Thursday...

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Excellent, spacesuit from costume quest. More Trenched is always welcome in my Xbox.

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I don't like the fact that the largest most prominent square is an Ad.  That should be where whatever is in the disc tray is displayed.  Hopefully you'll be able to choose which tab you start on when you boot the system.