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Further developments! Google+ has recently added a Communities feature. Thus, I present:

The Giant Bomb Google+ Community

Go forth and commune!

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I'm at: thisisalan

Who woulda guessed?

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There was a Nintendo Network ID sharing thread on this forum earlier today. I still see the post I made there on my profile, but the thread appears to be gone:

Anyone know why the thread disappeared? More importantly, anyone willing to start a more official new one? Sorry to create a separate thread just to ask this question, but I won't have consistent internet access this week, so ideally someone who can maintain a first-post ID mapping table would create the thread.


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Valens, Popori sorcerer. Currently wearing some suitably ridiculous clothing.

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Hey, so Google+ now has this neat shared circle feature, whereby I can take all the profiles in this thread and put them into a subscription-ready circle, like so...

The Giant Bomb Shared Circle on Google+


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You've given me some hope that perhaps we can get some people together to play, so I'll stay tuned. Ping me anytime if you need any help organizing something or just want to group up for some leveling or lower-level BAMs/instances.

I realize that I forgot to mention that my character's name is "Valens". Also, big thanks to Yalora ( and Pukyuk (don't know your GB name) for the party earlier this evening. Leveling does indeed go significantly faster in groups, so it was great to have your help.

After fighting my first basilisk (with significant help from

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Thanks for approving my application!

I've been spending some time in TERA this past week, mostly exploring and questing, and I'm really enjoying it. The combat (as a sorcerer) is engaging and the world is beautifully realized. The hallmark of a good MMO for me is a world that conveys a sense of place, and I think Arborea manages to do that rather well.

The guild looks like it may not be particularly active at this point, but hopefully I'll see at least a few of you online in-game.

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Kill Screen is awesome. Not exactly great for the latest news, but a beautiful quarterly with some great high-level analysis of the industry and games themselves.

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The Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones mod looks like it's going to be spectacular. Check out their map of the North:

Cannot wait!

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The Quick Look was very combat-focused, largely as a result of their decision to play William the Conquerer. I suppose that's not necessarily a misrepresentation, as that is one of many ways to play the game, but personally I've enjoyed starting small. It's satisfying to build a minor claim into an empire and a small family into a dynasty through a combination of strategic matchmaking and occasional military confrontations.